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My Testimony

I was raised in a Baptist church from the time I was a baby. We weren't always faithful but we were mostly in church. I had always been a good girl; I didn't drink, party or stay out late & I didn't hang around with those who did. One day the preacher came by to talk to me about getting saved. I was too embarrassed to tell him I was lost. I had been struggling with the Lord for awhile; I was under conviction, but I knew I was a good girl, so I really didn't need to get saved, right? Well, when I was in Junior High School, we went to a revival at church. I was under great conviction and during the invitation I went down front & told the preacher that I needed to be saved.

From that time until I was out of high school, I stayed in church & did all I knew to serve the Lord. Any time there was something going on at church, I was there. I wasn't in a church that taught much about telling people how to go to heaven; we did it a little bit but not enough to say we were carrying out the Great Commission; I mean, that's what we pay the preacher for isn't it? (Well, actually no, it's every born again believer's job to tell others how to stay out of hell.)

After high school, I left home to go to college. While there, I began attending an independent, fundamental, Bible believing Baptist church. I learned some things there (BOY, is that an understatement): I learned that my relationship with God was more than just a Sunday morning thing, it's more than just living a clean life; it is to be a totally different lifestyle. Dear Christian, God has so much in store for you if you would only surrender to who He wants you to be!!! I learned that God was real, & He actually cared about me, more than just to keep my soul out of hell, but He had a plan for my life.

While there, I met my soon-to-be husband. He was called to preach and attending Bible College at the time. I never imagined that I would be a preacher's wife. I didn't think I had what it took to be one (I didn't, God did). That was 12 years and many trials ago. We went through the struggles most Bible College students go through; busy all the time, bus route, Sunday school class; classes, work, children, etc. We then had five years of waiting from the time my husband finished Bible College until God felt we were ready for full-time service to him. Be patient on the Lord, He knows what's best.

God's hand placed us here in Lovington. He has continued to grow us after we got here. We have been through many trials since moving here, but our God is always faithful. He has given us people who love the Lord & love their Pastor & his family. There have been people who have broken our hearts, we've wept for & with. Through it all, God has always had the victory.

Kim Camp

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