03 October 2004

It is foggy outside, in a decidedly upstate-New-York way. Saint Helen's is still rumbling and freaking out. There is ice cream in the freezer and chocolate sauce in the fridge. Neil and I have a date at the doctor's office in Olympia in two days.

I don't think life could get much better at the moment.

...Unless I were standing in a parking lot near the mountain watching it blow up. That wouldn't be BETTER, necessarily, because it's kind of cold out, and I supposed it's pretty crowded with lots of freaky people in fluorescent purple hiking jackets, but it would be pretty interesting. Life could also possibly be slightly better if I had a tiny little coffeemaker with which to make myself some decaf coffee. And life would be absolutely perfect if I had some decaf Coyote Blend from the NM Coffee Co. to brew. But I don't. Alas.

Still, all in all, it doesn't seem like much is lacking.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I don't believe in the rule of threes. Or the rule of sevens. Or tens. Or hundreds. Or whatever number you happen to choose. That is, I don't believe that every action one performs comes back to him or her three [seven, ten, a hundred] times.

I believe in the rule of whatever.

Yesterday, my room-mate needed one penny to complete her roll of fifty cents. So, I scrounged around until I found one for her, which she used to fill up the roll. Ten minutes later, I found nineteen cents.

However, rather than subscribe to a rule of nineteen, I think I'd rather just believe in the rule of whatever. I'd rather just acknowledge my blessings than sit around counting them to make sure I've gotten some prescribed number or amount.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I hope Mount Saint Helen's doesn't erupt until after the fog burns off a little more. I will be pissed if there's a big old cloud of ash and rocks and steam and whatever else is inside volcanos (volcanic viscera?), and I don't get to see it because it's too foggy...

* * * * * * * * * * *

I'm going to go read or something to keep myself occupied while I wait for the fifth, and the eruption, and an appropriate moment to eat a big bowl of ice cream.

~[Mount Saint] Helena*