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Corporal Neal Curtis Ticer was from Portales in Roosevelt County, New Mexico. He was assigned to E Battery, 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft), and sent to the Philippine Islands before the opening days of World War II, where he and 26,000 other Americans, together with some 50-70,000 Filipino patriots, would fight a heroic delaying action until hunger and disease forced their surrender.


As a Prisoner of War, Ticer befriended Floyd Johnson Bull from Stafford, Arizona who was with the 698th Ord. Avn., Army Air Corp. The two men agreed that if one of them did not make it, the other would contact the family left behind. Neal Ticer did not survive. He lost his life when the “Hell Ship” Arisan Maru, transporting him and 1,781 fellow POWs to slave labor camps in Japan, was sunk on October 24, 1944. Ticer was only 24 years old.


These photographs come to us courtesy of Wilma Ticer Bull, and are the property of Mrs. Bull.


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