British Commonwealth War Cemetery, Yokohama, Japan


Photo Courtesy of
US-Japan Dialogue on POWs


This photograph was taken during the September 2010 Japanese/American POW Friendship Program Trip — 48 Americans are memorialized on this plaque at the British Commonwealth War Cemetery; most having survived the long odyssey of the Oryoku- Enoura- and Brazil Maru, only to die in Moji.


Four were 200th/515th Coast Artillery men:


2nd Lieutenant Darwin C. Becker entered the service as a Private.  He was from Texas.  HIs cause of death on January 30, 1945 was listed as “acute enteritis” (dysentery).


1st Lieutenant James E. Hunter was also originally an Enlisted man.  He was a native of New Mexico. His death, also occurring on January 30, 1945, was listed as “acute enteritis & b**fae on the left abdominal region.” Another source says simply, “froze to death.”


William D. McGee was from Roosevelt County, New Mexico.  His death in Fukuoka POW Camp #4 on February 23, 1945 was attributed to acute colitis.  His brother John, also a 200th Coast Artillery man, survived imprisonment and returned to Roosevelt County. His brother-in-law, Thomas Long, died at Cabanatuan prisoner of war camp.


Rufus A. Patterson, was the third man of the four to be given a January 30, 1945 death date. His cause of death too, was listed as “acute enteritis.”

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