Bataan Corregidor Memorial Foundation of New Mexico, Inc.

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The Monument at Fort Wingate Veterans Park was dedicated May 30, 1948 in honor of the 41 students and alumni of Fort Wingate school who gave their lives in WWII.


The Begay-Hood American Legion Post 86 at Fort Wingate was named for Navajo Code Talker Notah Begay I, and the 515th Coast Artillery's Johnnie Hood, a Navajo from Pinedale, New Mexico, who died at Camp O'Donnell Prisoner of War Camp May 24, 1942. Hood's remains were repatriated and buried in his home state of New Mexico in October 1948.


The 200th Coast Artillery's Jerry Lucero from Taos Pueblo, died December 12, 1942 at Cabanatuan prison camp.


515th Coast Artillery men Frank Duran, from Gamerco, New Mexico, died July 1, 1942 at Camp O'Donnell; Herbert Sherman, a Navajo from Twin Lakes, New Mexico, died July 21, 1942 at Cabanatuan; and Leo Manuelito, a Navajo from Naschitti, New Mexico, died December 4, 1944 at Bilibid Prison.