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Brothers Remembered


On Memorial Day 2008, flowers were wrapped around both sides of the column seen below, and the name “Tafoya” was left. Martin Tafoya, D Btry, on the south facing side, died at Cabanatuan prisoner of war camp at the end of June 1942.  Gabriel Tafoya, C Brty, on the north side, died just over a week later in July.


For Memorial Day 2009, flowers were left on the south facing side of the column, and a matching bouquet was left in front of the small 200 & 515 CAC monument (The Mother's Memorial erected in the 1960s.


American Legion Post 60 was renamed, Tafoya y Tafoya, in 1954 for the brothers who were from Cubero, New Mexico.



B24-J Liberator

“Les Miserables”


Ferrying 20 liberated prisoners of war out of Japan to the Philippines, Les Miserables, with a crew of 5, radioed it was experiencing mechanical trouble before going down at sea 50 mi SW of Formosa September 10, 1945.


On that day, William R. Taylor from the tiny town of Vaughn, New Mexico, became the last of the 200th/515th Coast Artillery men to die overseas. He died a Free man.

David Tellez

1920 - 2006


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Francis Thomson

Photo by Toni Finch Kellar


“That’s when I learned my younger brother John had been killed in October 1943 — the last week of his Air Corps training. To think what in my mother went through. A son dead and not knowing about me.”


— The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazzette (Nov. 1986)


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Neal Curtis Ticer

S.S. President Coolidge


The “The Ticer Photographs” come to us, courtesy of Wilma Ticer Bull, Neal Ticer’s widow. The photographs show training days at Fort Bliss and transport overseas on board the President Coolidge.


Neal Curtis Ticer was lost when the Hell Ship Arisan Maru was sunk on 24 October 1944.

Foch Tixier


Gives interview after being rescued from Cabanatuan prison camp. Listen as he describes his experience on the Bataan Death March.


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Albuquerque Heroes

Mario G. ‘Motts’ Tonelli


Mario Tonelli had been an “All American” football player for Notre Dame, and played one year of pro-ball with the Chicago Cardinals before joining the Army. A survivor of the Bataan Death March, in 1998, he was a recipient of the Gene Autry Courage Award.



Grave Site / USA Today Story



Members of the 200th included brothers, cousins, in-laws, uncles and nephews, and even a father and son. Brothers Norval and Rhea Tow, from Central in Grant County, New Mexico, were such a pair.


When his buddy was bayoneted on the Death March because he could not go on any further, Rhea continued on alone without rest until he caught up with Norval. They would be together when transported north on the “Hell Ship” Haro Maru.


Today, the brothers rest at the beautiful Fort Bayard National Cemetery in southwestern New Mexico.



“Survival was more a matter of mental attitude than physical stamina — this is, if you could avoid the bayoneting, shooting and burying alive. I woke up this morning and saw how cold and windy it was outside, recalled that day 19 years ago, and said to my wife, this is a fine day.”


— Preston Triplett to the “Albuquerque Tribune”

December 7, 1960

Juan A. Trujillo

1916 - 2005

Maj. John W. Turner, Jr.


Entered National Guard (New Mexico’s 111th Cavalry) in 1923. Perished on the Oryoku Maru December 15, 1944.

W YZ    


W = West Side of Park

E = East Side of Park




Edward Tafoya was attached to C Battery, 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft). The column bearing the names of the men of C Btry, 200th CA(AA) is located on the West side of Bataan Memorial Park.


An (*) designates those men known to have died overseas.



  Tafoya Edward A. W-200C
* Tafoya Gabriel   W-200C
* Tafoya Gilberto G. W-200F
  Tafoya Herman O. W-Band
* Tafoya Jesus M. E-515G
* Tafoya Jose M. E-515D
* Tafoya Marcelo   E-515F
* Tafoya Martin A. E-515G
* Tafoya Martin J. W-200D
  Tafoya Miguel N. W-200H
  Taggart Thomas R. W-Officer
* Tamony Edward F. W-200D
  Tanner Brooks L. E-515A
  Tapia Juan F. E-UNK
  Taves Harold R. E-515C
* Taylor Charles E. W-200G
* Taylor Jeptha P. E-515Hq2Bn
* Taylor Luis   E-515H
* Taylor McKean D. W-200Hq2Bn
* Taylor William M. W-200G
* Taylor William R. W-200A
  Teague Rufus D. W-200C
  Tecumseh Julius H. W-200D
  Tellez David O. W-200A
* Tellez Enrique G. E-515B
* Tenorio Don G. E-515B
  Tenorio Pedro   W-200Hq1Bn
  Terrazas Nick L. E-515D
  Terry Roy T. W-200F
* Thomas Billy J. E-515Hq2Bn
* Thomas Charles B. W-200H
* Thomas Frank C. W-Officer
  Thomas Ted T. E-515RegHq
* Thomas Wayne R. E-515D
  Thompson Fred D. W-200RegHq
  Thompson James R. W-200F
* Thompson Leonard R. E-515B
  Thomson Francis R. W-200C
* Thorpe [1] [2] Joseph D. W-Officer
* Thwaits James R. W-Officer
  Thwaits Prior   W-Officer
  Tice Alton W. W-200F
* Ticer Neal C. W-200E
* Tidwell Bryan M. W-200F
* Tidwell Durrell A. W-200E
  Tidwell George C. W-200F
* Tieken Herbert J. W-200D
  Tillman William L. W-200E
* Tindol George I. E-515B
  Tixier F. Foch W-200MD
  Tixier Wendelin F. W-200Hq2Bn
  Tobar Antonio J. E-515C
  Tonelli Mario G. W-200Hq2Bn
  Torres Bensis   E-515G
* Torres George S. W-200E
  Torres Joe T. W-200E
  Torres Miguel R. E-515F
  Torres Trinidad H. W-200D
  Tovar Alex E. W-200C
  Tow Norval E. E-515H
  Tow Rhea F. E-515G
* Towner Joseph E. W-200A
  Trask Richard A. E-515B
  Treider Melvin O. W-200H
* Trejo Felipe N. W-200C
  Triplett Preston E. W-200B
  Trujillo Armando E. E-515H
* Trujillo Charles A. W-200H
* Trujillo Dionicio R. W-200F
* Trujillo Edwin E. E-515A
* Trujillo Jesus P. W-200A
* Trujillo John B. W-200E
  Trujillo Juan A. E-515F
* Trujillo Manuel   W-200C
* Trujillo Martin E. W-200H
  Trujillo Paul   W-200H
* Trujillo Ralph J. E-515C
* Trujillo Reynaldo   E-515H
  Tsosie Neal S. E-515G
* Tucker Lee C. W-Officer
* Tucker Raymond T. E-515C
* Turbett Alva   W-200F
  Turner Frank M. W-Officer
* Turner John W. (Jr.) W-Officer
* Turrieta Carlos T. W-200C
* Turrieta Vicente   E-515G