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Charles Sagash

btw. 1945-1949


A Japanese guard broke an axe handle over Charles Sagash's back. He refused to go down because he knew he would be a goner if he left his feet.


Post-war, Charles Sagash re-enlisted and served 4 years in the Army Air Corps.


Courtesy of Susan Sagash & Edward Lycka

Charles Gurdon Sage

“When promoted to General [post-war], he brought out two tin stars — made with hand-tooled molds and scrap tin by his officers and men while in the Japanese prison camp.”

Colonel Sage is Prisoner of Japs


JAN. 20, 1943 — Col. C. G. Sage, Deming editor-soldier, is prisoner of the Japanese.

First official word of the fate of the commander of the New Mexico 200th Anti-Aircraft regiment, came yesterday to his wife from the war department.

The notification said he was held at Taiwan in the Philippines where the colonel commanded the 200th during the battle against the Japanese.

According to reports, the regiment conducted a delaying action against the enemy which enabled General MacArthur’s men to make a retreat to Bataan where they held off the Japanese for months.

For his action in that battle, Colonel Sage was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. The medal was presented to Mrs. Sage in ceremonies recently at Santa Fe.


*  *  *


Colonel Sage was placed in command of the newly organized Groupment A (AA March 21, 1942. On April 7th, Groupment A became the Philippine Provisional Coast Artillery Brigade (AA), comprised of all elements of the 200th and 515th, with Sage designated as Brigade Commander. On the 8th of April, the Brigade was ordered to destroy its anti-aircraft equipment and organize as an infantry unit and hold a line near Cabcaben. When, [then] LtGen Edward P. King surrendered Bataan on April 9th, the New Mexico Brigade was the last organized unit left standing to face the enemy, and the last to lay down their arms.



In August 1942, Colonels Sage and Peck were moved to Karenko POW camp on Formosa (now Taiwan) where they remained until October 1944 when they were transported to Chen Chia Tung, Manchuria on the Oryoku Maru (not the fateful voyage of December ‘44). In May 1945, the Colonels were transferred to Mukden where they would be liberated in August 1945.



In September 2000, Fort Bliss Army Base renamed one of its chapels to Sage Hall in memory of Maj. Gen. Sage who died in 1967.


MAJ General Sage's Bench

NM Veterans Memorial Park

Dedicated by His Daughters

Felix Salas

1923 - 2009

Jesus Santos


The RKO Radio Pictures “Back to Bataan” (1945) features, at the beginning and at the end of the film, men who were rescued from Cabanatuan Prison Camp in January 1945. The 515th's Jesus Santos is seen at the end of the movie.

Roy Schmid


AUG. 19, 1945 — The first Roswell youth to lose his life was Roy Schmid, 22, a former student of Roswell High school and son of Mr. and Mrs. Jakob Schmid, who live on the Berrendo. Young Schmid was killed on the Philippine Island of Luzon Dec. 10, 1941.


Roswell Daily Record



According to eyewitness Cone Munsey, E Battery 200th Coast Artillery, when the first bombs struck Clark Field on December 8, 1941, Roy Schmid and Douglas Sanders were hit and killed instantly. Schmid and Sanders were the first and only deaths from the 200th on that first day.

Agapito Silva, Bataan, Corregidor, Cabanatuan, Omuta (Fukuoka 17)

Agapito ‘Gap’ Silva


“Probably one of the most human stories was told to me by a Bataan survivor who was from New Mexico, Agapito “Gap” Silva. Gap’s father was employed in the railroad yards in Gallup, worked the night shift, and every night when no one else was around, would go out in the railroad yards, pray to God and cry about Gap every night. The wind was very strong at night in the desert and the doctors later said that it was the wind drying up his tear ducts that made him blind. When Gap came home, he wondered why his father didn’t run to greet him. When he got to the older man, his father felt his face and Gap says, ‘Oh, that was the hardest thing I ever had to bear in all my experience.’”


— Linda Goetz Holmes


Veterans Day 2004, Arlington National Cemetery, Agapito Silva, National Commander ADBC (right of wreath).


The driving force in the long effort to build the Bataan Memorial at Bataan Memorial Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Agapito Silva often said, “One day my children will have children; I want them to be able to come to the Park, point to my name and say, ‘There is Agapito Silva, my grandpa, he was at Bataan.’”



Agapito Silva passed away at his home in Albuquerque on June 17, 2007.


Congresswoman Wilson’s Tribute on the Floor of the US House of Representatives

Vincent Silva

Author of
“Senso Owari”
(The War Is Ended)


Photo by Dr. Don C. Salisbury

Major Cash T. Skarda of Clovis, New Mexico, upon his arrival at Hickam Field en route to the Unites States after liberation.


[US Army Signal Corps]

Arthur & Bessie Smith


“He and I were on the High Finder (a telescopic range finder). We were the first to see the Japanese bombers over Clark Field.”


— Manuel Armijo, Santa Fe



Arthur Smith died at his home in Santa Fe on July 22, 2001.

Joe Stanley Smith Elementary

Carlsbad, New Mexico




On November 18, 1951, Joe Stanley Smith Elementary School was dedicated and named for Bataan veteran, Joe Stanley Smith of Carlsbad and Albuquerque.

“Life” magazine carried an article about Smith’s first battle, and “Newsweek” followed with an article about his life.

After repatriation, Smith worked for ex-Prisoners of War.

A War Claims Field Representative on business in Washington, D.C., Joe Smith was killed in a plane crash November 29, 1949 in Dallas, Texas as he was on his way home — his wife had just haven given birth to their third child.


See: One Last Request



ESTANCIA, N.M. — JAN. 1, 1943 — Technical Sgt. Mark A. Smith of Estancia, grandson of the late J. A. Constant, editor of the Estancia News-Herald, is a prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippines.

Sgt. Smith’s parents received official notification yesterday from the war department, bringing the total to 95 New Mexico soldiers known to be Japanese prisoners of war.

Timothy H. Smith


“He was among those captured at Cabcaben. He was marshaled into the first groups of the Death March moving directly towards San Fernando instead of Mariveles. He said that this saved his life because they didn’t have to retrace their steps back towards Cabcaben.”


— LCDR Bruce Smith, Nephew

Walter Starkey Jr.

“A hell of a lot of people today don’t even know what Bataan was. I remember it every day ... every day.”


— Harry Steen, El Paso, TX

April 9, 2002



Yesterday, you were our boys,

At work, at school, at play;

Then, your country called you, and you are

“Mac Arthur’s Men” today.


Oh, valiant band of loyal men,

With your backs to the China Sea,

As you bravely face invading hordes,

To keep a people free.


While here at home, then million hearts,

Are bowed each day in prayer

That God will give you strength and power

To keep Old Glory there.


But when the war clouds drift away,

And you come home again,

A page in History waits for you

Who are “MacArthur’s Men.”


— Ivadell Carr Stober

Mother of Carl A. Stober, Jr.

February 5, 1942


Carl Stober's sister was married to a brother of the 200th's Dean & Junior Chalk. Stober and the Chalk brothers died within days of each other at Camp O'Donnell.

W YZ    


W = West Side of Park

E = East Side of Park




Elias Saavedra was attached to C Battery, 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft). The column bearing the names of the men of C Btry, 200th CA(AA) is located on the West side of Bataan Memorial Park.


An (*) designates those men known to have died overseas.



  Saavedra Elias   W-200C
* Saavedra Fidel L. W-200A
  Saavedra Teodoro S. W-200B
  Sabbota Isadore   E-515D
  Sacson Gunnar E. W-200RegHq
* Sadler James E. W-Officer
* Safford Charles V. W-Officer
  Sagash Charles D. W-200D
  Sage Charles G. W-Officer
* Saiz Reynaldo   E-515C
* Saiz Santiago S. W-200Hq2Bn
  Sakelares Angelo H. W-200RegHq
* Salaiz Reynaldo L. W-200H
  Salars William E. (Jr.) W-200G
  Salas Felix M. W-200H
* Salaz Luciano G. W-200G
  Salazar Faustin   W-200D
* Salazar Leonardo M. E-515G
* Salazar Manuel   E-515B
* Salazar Samuel D. E-515A
* Salcido Henry   W-200A
* Sanchez Adelardo I. E-515D
* Sanchez Alfonso B. E-515RegHq
* Sanchez Alfonso M. W-200C
  Sanchez Alfredo F. W-200A
  Sanchez Charles F. (Jr.) W-200B
* Sanchez Cristobal D. W-200C
  Sanchez Frank E. W-200C
* Sanchez Frank J. W-200F
  Sanchez Gregorio M. E-515D
  Sanchez Joe L. W-200D
  Sanchez Joe   E-515B
  Sanchez Joseph M. E-515D
* Sanchez Juan J. E-515G
* Sanchez Lawrence M. E-515F
  Sanchez Moses   W-200F
* Sanchez Napoleon T. E-515B
  Sanchez Pete   W-200C
  Sanchez Stephen J. E-515H
  Sanchez Teofilo M. W-200C
* Sanchez Valentine   W-200B
  Sanchez Victor F. W-200A
* Sandell Jessie D. E-515B
* Sanders Astor N. E-515F
* Sanders Douglas   W-200E
* Sandoval Ambrocio J. W-200H
* Sandoval Arthur   E-515H
* Sandoval Bertram O. W-200E
  Sandoval Eduardo A. W-200A
  Sandoval Filadelfio   W-200A
  Sandoval Larry R. E-515Hq1Bn
  Santillanes Valentine S. W-200D
  Santistevan Gustavo R. W-200H
* Santistevan Thomas   W-200G
  Santos Jesus   E-515F
* Saputo Vincent   W-200G
* Sarracino Frank B. W-200Hq1Bn
  Sarracino Santiago   W-200H
  Sartin Marlin E. W-200B
* Sass Martin E. E-515B
  Sattem Eldred   W-200B
* Savage Lee L. E-515G
* Savoie David C. W-200A
  Sawyer Thomas J. W-Officer
  Scales Eugene V. W-200A
* Scally Henry F. W-200G
* Scanlon Raymond G. W-200D
  Schellstede Leslie J. W-200H
  Schiffner James F. W-200Hq1Bn
  Schlick Emory C. W-200F
* Schmid Roy W. W-200E
  Schmitz Eugene W. W-200G
* Schneider Hilbert I. W-200D
  Schoolcraft Aldon L. W-200D
* Schovanec Joe   W-200D
* Schroeder Karl W. W-Officer
* Schubert Charles A. W-200MD
  Schuette Walter F. W-200D
* Schuetz William C. W-Officer
  Schultz Albert F. W-200B
* Schurtz Paul W. W-Officer
* Schwartz James E. W-200RegHq
  Scott Chester R. (Jr.) E-515H
  Scruggs Hollis A. W-200H
* Sedillo Adan N. E-515C
  Sedillo John J. W-200B
  Sedillo Ralph   E-515B
  Segura Joseph A. W-200H
* Selva Caesar J. W-200B
* Sena Jose A. E-515RegHq
  Sena Louis A. E-515C
  Sena Sam   W-200D
  Senter Albert C. E-515A
  Serna Placido P. W-200A
  Serrano Ernest O. E-515F
  Seymour Clinton C. W-Officer
* Shamblin Otho L. W-Officer
* Sharp Alvin W. W-200A
  Shaw Carl   W-200D
  Shaw Harley L. W-200D
  Shelton General L. W-200H
* Sheriff Marvin R. W-200D
* Sherman Frederick S. W-Officer
* Sherman Herbert   E-515H
  Sherwood Virgil E. W-200E
* Shields John S. (Jr.) W-200E
  Shillito Winston H. (Jr.) E-515G
* Shimp Neil B. (Sr.) W-Officer
* Sidney David   E-515G
  Sills Robert B. E-515H
  Silva Agapito E. E-515D
  Silva Jesus M. E-515C
  Silva Joe R. W-200A
  Silva Vincent   E-515G
  Silverstein Louis A. E-515H
  Simeroth Joseph B. W-200F
* Simoni Alfredo S. W-200G
* Simoni Tony P. W-200C
* Sims Charles H. (Jr.) E-515C
* Sims James D. W-200B
* Singer Joseph   E-515D
  Sisneros Anselmo (Jr.) E-515D
* Sisneros Felipe G. W-200A
* Sisneros Jose G. W-200H
  Skarda Cash T. W-Officer
  Skweres Stanley   E-515G
* Skiles Leonard W. W-Officer
* Slade James R. E-515B
* Slaughter Lonnie T. W-200C
* Smith Albert D. W-200C
  Smith Arthur B. E-515C
* Smith Austin J. E-515H
* Smith Averill H. W-200D
* Smith Burney H. W-Officer
  Smith Clarke G. E-515Hq1Bn
* Smith Claude O. W-200B
* Smith Ellward G. W-200G
  Smith George L. E-515A
* Smith Henry L. C. E-515D
  Smith Herbert H. W-200B
* Smith James G. W-200D
* Smith James M. (Jr.) W-200Hq2Bn
* Smith Joe D. E-515F
  Smith Joe S. E-515F
  Smith Mark A. (Jr.) E-515Hq1Bn
  Smith Samuel J. W-200E
  Smith Timothy H. W-200A
  Smith William D. W-200A
* Snyder Eugene F. W-200G
  Snyder Vernon A. E-515C
* Sokol Mike K. E-515B
  Sora Pragedis M. W-200B
* Spensley Homer V. W-200B
* Spiker Virgil J. W-200A
  Springer Boyce   E-515F
* Sprunk John D. E-515G
  St. Clair John W. W-Band
  Stabrylla John P. W-200F
  Starkey Walter A. (Jr.) W-200A
  Starnes Fred C. W-200G
* Steagall Irwin U. W-200H
  Steen Harry E. W-200A
  Stemler Joseph A. W-200D
* Stephens Edgar J. W-200C
  Stephens Robert E. E-515F
  Stephens Sidney O. W-200Hq1Bn
  Stevens Dorris   E-515G
  Stevens Orlando   E-515MD
  Stever Archie D. W-200Hq1Bn
  Stiles LeMoyne B. W-Officer
  Stillwell Joseph   W-200H
  Stine John P. E-515A
  Stine Lyle C. E-515H
* Stirman Earl R. W-200E
* Stober Carl A. (Jr.) E-515D
  Stone Clyde   W-200E
  Storts Arthur L. W-200MD
  Strain James L. W-200F
* Strus Walter P. E-515C
  Stump Claud W. W-Officer
  Suarez Jose C. W-200F
* Suarez Manuel N. W-200B
  Suazo Thomas D. W-200E
  Sullivan Murray M. E-515MD
* Summers Roy H. (Jr.) W-200B
* Suttles Ernest O. W-200H
  Suttmann Aloysius T. W-Officer
* Swagart Rex R. E-515G
* Swaim Richard B. W-200H
  Sweat Albert F. W-200C
  Swope Fred H. E-515C
  Syrinek Frank   W-200F