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Cipriano B. Ramirez

200th CA Regimental Band


As the first attack on Clark Field eased, shocked soldiers heard music... “The Old Gray Mare She Ain’t What She Use To Be.” The 200th’s Band Master, James McCahon, admitted later, “It wasn’t very good music, but it had spirit.”

Glenn Ream


Although many of the 200th and 515th survivors would re-enlist after the War — most into the Regular Army or Air Force, Glenn Ream, by August 1958, was the only survivor still on active duty in the New Mexico National Guard, by then, Sergeant Major of Group 515 111th AA Brigade.

Antonio “Tony” Reyna

Photo by Dr. Don C. Salisbury


Five of the nine Taos Pueblo boys, the first Code Talkers of WWII, would lose their lives while prisoners of war. Of the survivors, Santana Romero, who would serve as Governor of Taos Pueblo in later years, passed away in 1991, and “Little Jimmie” Lujan in 1994. Mike Romero is one of four men whose WWII experiences are chronicled in Dorothy Cave's “Four Trails to Valor.” Tony Reyna has also served his people, as Lt. Governor, and two terms as Governor of Taos Pueblo.


See: Mukden POWs

Floyd Reynolds



During construction of the Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research in the Magdalena Mountains in the early 1960s, Reynolds was a winter watchman, living primitively with his wife in partially constructed buildings on the site.


Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Reynolds (his grandson)


See: Floyd Reynolds Diary

Gavino Rivera


James Ridgway Among Liberated


SEP. 14, 1945 — Pfc. James N. Ridgway, a member of the 200th Coast Artillery who was captured at the fall of Bataan, cabled his aunt, Mrs. L. N. Porter, 1808 North Missouri Street, that he was safe and well in Manila and will be home soon.

When last heard from, he was in a prison at Osaka, Japan. His six-year-old daughter makes her home with Mrs. Porter.


Roswell Daily Record

Leonard L. Robinson

E Btry 200th CA(AA)


“I watched Psalm 23 fulfilled.”


“Forgotten Men”

by Leonard L. Robinson



See: The Ticer Photographs


Jose “Mike” Romero and Robert “Bob” Aldrich

Fort Bliss, Texas 1941


“I was the first communications sergeant to have code talkers in my outfit.”


— Tom Foy, former

State Rep., Grant County

H Btry., 200th CA(AA)



Photo fr. “Four Trails to Valor”

Santana Romero

1917 - 1994


Fmr. Governor of Taos Pueblo

Fmr. BVO Commander

H Battery, 200th CA(AA)

POW in Hanawa, Japan

W YZ    


W = West Side of Park

E = East Side of Park




Adrian Rachall was attached to F Battery, 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft). The column bearing the names of the men of F Btry, 200th CA(AA) is located on the West side of Bataan Memorial Park.


An (*) designates those men known to have died overseas.



  Rachall Adrian   W-200F
* Radcliff Clarence W. E-515C
* Radosevich Joseph R. W-Officer
  Rael Marcos R. (Jr.) E-515C
  Ragsdale Luther E. W-200H
* Ramirez Cenobio   W-200G
  Ramirez Cipriano B. W-Band
  Ramirez Dagoberto S. (Jr.) W-200D
* Ramirez Juan   E-515H
* Ramirez Salvador H. W-Band
  Ramos Andres G. E-515C
  Ramos Juan   E-515C
  Ramos Lalo   W-200E
* Randolph William P. W-Officer
  Ratcliffe Thomas W. W-200D
  Ray Clarence R. W-200D
* Ray Reuben E. (Jr.) E-515A
  Ream Glenn G. W-200B
  Reardon William B. W-Officer
* Redd Talmadge W. W-200B
* Reeves Lloyd H. E-515C
* Regaldo Cruz   W-200D
* Regalado Tony M. W-200D
* Reid Melvin L. W-200H
* Remondini Robert J. W-Officer
  Reyes Eusebio   W-200C
* Reyes James B. E-515D
* Reyes Tommy B. E-515D
  Reyna Antonio   W-200C
  Reynolds Floyd C. W-200E
* Reynolds Harmon A. W-200E
* Reynolds John E. W-200E
  Rhee Heinz L. W-200Hq2Bn
* Rhodes Woodrow W. E-515C
  Richards James F. W-Officer
* Richardson William B. W-200F
* Richmond Ohmer O. E-515H
  Ridgway James N. W-200F
  Riley Glendon S. W-200C
  Riley Prentice G. W-200E
* Riley Richard M. W-Officer
  Rivera Adolfo E. E-515H
  Rivera Gavino   W-200C
  Rivera Philip F. W-200H
  Roach Lee C. W-200E
* Robbins Arthur W. E-515RegHq
* Roberts A. J. W-200B
* Roberts James S. W-200C
  Roberts James S. W-200H
  Roberts Keyton F. W-200H
* Roberts Lester L. W-200D
  Roberts Wayne D. W-200A
* Robertson James A. W-200D
* Robinson George W. E-515F
  Robinson James A. (Jr.) W-200C
  Robinson Leonard L. W-200E
  Rockwell Reuben   E-515Hq2Bn
* Rodarte Jerome G. E-515D
* Rodgers Robert L. E-515RegHq
* Rodgers Wayne C. W-200E
* Rodriguez Albert   E-515G
* Rodriguez Basilio L. W-200C
* Rodriguez Gerardo   E-515F
  Rodriguez Juan J. W-200A
* Rodriguez Luis P. W-200A
  Rodriguez [1] [2] Ralph (Jr.) E-515MD
* Roe Marion   W-200E
  Roehm Robert R. E-515RegHq
  Roessler Norbert R. W-200RegHq
  Roessler Paul A. W-200C
* Rogers Harry A. W-200Hq2Bn
  Rogers J.   W-Officer
  Rogers Joel L. E-515H
  Rogers Lloyd (Jr.) W-Officer
* Rogers Willis L. W-200Hq1Bn
* Rohrabaugh [1] [2] Thomas C. W-200B
  Rollie Edward L. E-515D
  Rolstad Herbert J. E-515H
  Romero Amado A. E-515D
  Romero Aristotel S. E-515G
* Romero Benito A. W-200B
* Romero Claudio   W-200B
  Romero Dave P. W-200D
  Romero Emilio E. E-515G
  Romero Eugenio M. W-200C
  Romero Frank S. W-200A
* Romero Frank   W-200B
  Romero Joe F. E-515B
  Romero Joe S. W-200A
* Romero John C. E-515F
  Romero Jose M. E-515H
  Romero Louis G. W-200A
* Romero Manuel A. E-515F
* Romero Richard G. W-200H
  Romero Santana S. W-200H
* Romero Santiago   E-515C
* Roper Ollin A. E-515B
* Rorie William E. E-515B
  Ross William C. E-515C
* Rouse Titus W. W-Band
  Rowland Albert   W-200H
  Roybal Carlos F. E-515A
* Rubio David J. E-515Hq1Bn
  Ruchalski Anthony J. W-200F
* Ruckman Oscar A. W-200E
  Ruckman Oswald C. W-200E
* Ruebush Elbert L. W-200A
* Ruiz Eloy   E-515C
  Ruiz Espiridion G. W-200D
* Ruiz Joel R. W-200B
  Ruiz Sirenio C. E-515G
  Rupe Jackson J. W-200F
  Rutledge Robert H. E-515Hq2Bn