Yokohama, July 31 (AP) Seven Japanese civilians who guarded prisoners at Hiroshima during the war denied charges of beating and abusing Allied servicemen at their arraignment before an eight army commission.

Prisoners listed as beaten in the complaints against the men, include Wilson Jones, Clovis, N.M.

Those facing the charges are

Sakujiro Aramaki, Akiyoshi Koga, Fukuma (the bull) Yamaguchi; Takenosuke (fat boy) Fujasaki; Tomoe (the weasel) Nishimura, Toraichi Takashira, and Nobuyasu Sugiyama. Koga also was charged with contributing to the death of Pvt. Paul D. Colvin, Daring, Pa. by beating him while the soldier was ill.


(1947, 31 July) Las Vegas Daily Optic, p. 20.


Camp:  Omine Machi (Hiroshima Branch Camp #6).  Guards:  Sakujiro Aramaki, Akiyoshi Koga, Kukuma Yamaguichi, Takenosuke Fujisaki, Tomoe Nishimura, Toraichi Takashita, and Nobuyasu Sugiyama.


Wilson Jones was a National Guardsmen, federalized on January 6, 1941. He re-enlisted following liberation and served until 1961. He died in Montana in 1980.