The father of the former Grants Mayor was Frederick B. 'Ted' Howden Jr., the 200th Coast Artillery's Regimental Chaplain. Chaplain Howden was later transfered to the prison camp at Davao on Mindanao where he died in December 1942.


On December 7, 1944, 108 B-29s belonging to the 20th Air Force operating from Chengtu, China were dispatched to bomb the Manchuria Airplane Manufacturing Company and an adjacent arsenal at Mukden, Manchuria. One of the bombers broke formation. It began “waggling” its wings, indicating there was a problem. One of the bombs in the bomb bay had become stuck and when it was finally loosened, it fell into the prison camp, 19 POWs were killed, with one other dying later, and many were injured. Among the dead was the 200th's Jack Fleming.