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Although the 1,818 names of the 200th and 515th Coast Artillery men are arranged by Battery on the Bataan Memorial columns, they have been listed here alphabetically for searching ease.


Following each name is the column location within the Park — east side or west side — and the soldier’s unit and battery.


There were approximately 300 men from other states (Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida and the District of Columbia) who joined the Regiment after it was federalized in January 1941, and while in training at Fort Bliss.

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We marched along in columns of four

Living and seeing the horrors of war

And when a man fell along the way

A cold bayonet would make him pay.


From “They” by Jessie Knowles





New Mexico's 200th and 515th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft) units served with bravery and great personal sacrifice in the defense of Luzon, Bataan and Corregidor, earning four Presidential Unit Citations. Following the surrender of Bataan on April 9, 1942 and Corregidor on May 6, 1942, the survivors of those bloody battles were to suffer 3-1/2 years of the most inhumane treatment known to mankind as prisoners of war. Their names and story are engraved on twelve granite columns at Bataan Memorial Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.