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Alexander Harold Mathews

1919 - 2008

fmr. Pawnee Nation President

515th Coast Artillery (AA)

2001-02 Commander
New Mexico Chapter, American Ex-Prisoners of War

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Photo by B. Charley Gallegos


Authored by his nephew and namesake, this book chronicles the life and death in a Hanawa, Japan prisoner-of-war camp of Wisconsin native, Adrian R. Martin, who joined the ranks of the 200th Coast Artillery in the summer of 1941.


Includes interviews with other mid-westerners who served with the 200th and 515th Coast Artillery units in the Philippines rarely seen elsewhere such as Bill Nolan, Urban McVey, and Mario “Motts” Tonelli, with important contributions by New Mexicans like Jack Aldrich.


Also includes roster of men held at Las Pinas as well as the prisoner passenger list for the Hell Ship Noto Maru.


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Ben E. Martinez

Fukuoka POW Camp 3


Photo by Dr. Don C. Salisbury

Tony A. Martinez

A Btry 200th CA(AA)

Pvt. Harold J. McAndrew.


Memorial services for Pvt. Harold J. McAndrew, 2445 North Sayre avenue, will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. in St. William's church; Sayre and Wrightwood avenues. Pvt. McAndrew's parents, John J. and Ester Maguire McAndrew, were notified Tuesday that he had died June 16 in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines.


(Chicago, Illinois 1943)

“Man, that thing beat me and he started bringing the blood and I called him a dirty Jap. I called him so many bad names like that. But then, when I said ‘yellow belly,’ he understood that and I shouldn't have said that.”


— John McCarty [Video]



Japanese Death Camp

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Bataan Vets Finish Meet With Election


ALBQ. — APR. 11, 1948 — Lt. Col. Virgil O. McCollum of Carlsbad was elected unanimously to be the first National Commander of the Bataan Veterans Organization Saturday.

Manuel Armijo of Santa Fe, another member of the 200th, was unanimously chosen Vice Commander.

The men were elected by some 400 delegates of the BVO in the closing session of the first BVO convention.

Portales, New Mexico VFW Post 9515 was renamed to honor the 200th's John “Tommy” McGee December 21, 2007. Mr. McGee, a survivor of the Bataan Death March, passed away in 2004. His brother, William Douglass McGee , also a 200th CA(AA) man, died as a prisoner of war at Fukuoka Camp #4.


“Reminiscence of Urban McVey”, from the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, Wisconsin Veterans Museum. Click here.

In ceremonies on 26 SEP 1998, CPT Joseph A. Brimo, California National Guard (Ret.), was awarded the Bronze Star for rescuing several fellow Americans as the Hell Ship Oryoku Maru was sinking in the Pacific Ocean.


After dragging a Navy Commander to shore, Brimo returned to the sinking ship on a rowboat with some fellow POWs: “Once reaching the ship, we loaded it with as many sick persons as it could carry. In the meantime, I climbed up to the upper deck to look for food. After eating enough, I went down the loading platform and was approached by a Major Melendez, a New Mexico National Guardsman, who told me he could not swim. So I dragged him to shore.”


*  *  *


Captain Alfonso Melendez survived the sinking of the Oryoku, but he would perish on board the Brazil Maru — his body thrown over the side.

Photo by Michael Fagans

Gallup Independent


Carlo Menini’s canteen, given to a doctor at the end of WWII and subsequently given to the doctor’s son, was mailed to Bertha Menini after the son tracked her down on an internet list of POWs.


For full story, click here.

Maynard Christian Meuli

1916 - 1987

Photo by Nicole Goodhue

Gallup Independent


Gallup, New Mexico’s “Hero Award” is awarded by the Retired Senior Volunteer Program/Senior Companion Program to honor the giving spirit of volunteer Robert Miller, who died June 1, 2000.

Charles Euphra Mitchell

Died Cabanatuan 1942


Following the war, two friends of Charles Mitchell who knew him in Cabanatuan visited his parents. They told of Charles Mitchell's defiance and how he was regularly beaten, until the day he was beaten to death.


See: Grave Site


Courtesy of Walt Euphra Warren

Ernest Montoya

Fort Bliss, 1941 (pre-War)

Mukden POW #886


Originally attached to the 200th Coast Artillery, Ernest Montoya was transferred to the 515th Coast Artillery when that unit was formed, split from the ranks of the 200th. Ordered to Corregidor before the surrender of Bataan — he had been operating advanced radar equipment, a top secret project on Luzon and later Bataan. On Corregidor, Montoya volunteered to fight on with a group of 60th Coast Artillery men. At the end, he was with the 4th Marines.


See: Mukden POWs


In 2004, Mr. Montoya received the Citizen Patriot Unit Award in ceremonies in Washington, DC. The award is “Presented annually each to an individual and to a unit of the Reserve components in recognition of their dedicated an exemplary service to the National Guard and Reserve Forces of the United States of America.” Mr. Montoya received the award on behalf of the 515th Coast Artillery veterans, and Vicente Ojinaga received the award on behalf of the 200th Coast Artillery veterans.


Rep. Tom Udall’s tribute to the men of the 200th and 515th Coast Artillery Regiments in the US House of Representatives


*   *   *


Ernest Montoya Visits
Madison Middle School


"Rising Sun Over Bataan: Memoirs Of War"

Horacio H. Montoya

1916 - 2009


Horacio Montoya was the brother of the 200th's Ben Montoya. The brothers were prisoners at Fukuoka POW Camp #17 at Omuta, Japan.

Orlando Montoya

1920 - 1955


The following message, intercepted by the War Department to Montoya's parents, appeared in the BRO's “National Bulletin” in July 1945:


Greeting Mom and Dad: Extending my seasons greetings to you and the rest. May you all be in the best of health. I am in good spirits myself and best of health. Send pictures and parcels through committee. Regards and God bless you. Love, Orlando “Reno” Montoya.

John J. Moseley

Bataan Death March

Mukden POW #972


See: Mukden POWs


Photo by B. Charley Gallegos

W YZ    


W = West Side of Park

E = East Side of Park




Daniel MacIntosh was attached to A Battery, 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft). The column bearing the names of the men of A Btry, 200th CA(AA) is located on the West side of Bataan Memorial Park.


An (*) designates those men known to have died overseas.



  MacIntosh Daniel F. W-200A
* Maddux Aubrey L. E-515G
  Madrid Ambrosio   W-200E
  Madrid Catalino   W-200D
  Madril Susano   W-200D
* Maes Robert J. E-515B
  Maestas Jose G. W-200H
* Mahler Wayne L. W-200G
  Malak Stephen L. W-200RegHq
* Maldonado Miramon   E-515A
* Maldonado Polo V. W-200A
  Malnati Lloyd G. W-200A
  Malone Richard R. W-200F
  Malone Robert M. W-200F
  Manasse Solly P. W-200Hq2Bn
* Maness Loyd L. E-515C
* Mann Arthur O. E-515B
  Mann Oscar C. W-200A
* Manuelito Joe C. W-200G
* Manuelito Leo A. E-515A
  Manzanares Benjamin   E-515H
* Manzanares Elias   W-200Hq1Bn
* Mares Charles M. E-515H
  Mares George   W-200H
* Mares James G. E-515C
  Mares Raymond V. W-200H
* Marquez Manuel O. W-200A
* Martin Adrian R. E-515RegHq
  Martin Frank G. W-200A
* Martin Harry   W-200H
  Martin Leonard B. W-200H
  Martinez Antonio B. W-200H
* Martinez Antonio   W-200D
  Martinez Belarmino   E-515B
  Martinez Benjamin E. W-200D
  Martinez Domingo B. W-200D
  Martinez Eduardo   W-200A
* Martinez Emilio M. W-200A
  Martinez George E. W-200G
* Martinez Jeremias G. W-200G
  Martinez Joseph F. W-200F
  Martinez Juan J. W-200H
* Martinez Louis F. E-515G
* Martinez Luciano S. (Jr.) W-200H
  Martinez Luciano   W-200G
* Martinez Manuel   E-515C
  Martinez Marcus   E-515G
  Martinez Rosenaldo   W-200D
* Martinez Theodore G. E-515C
  Martinez Tony A. W-200A
  Martinez Trinidad G. W-200A
* Mascareñas Jose E. T. W-200A
* Mascareñas Jose L. W-200H
* Mash Jessie F. W-200F
  Masser Edmund J. W-200A
* Mata Antonio U. W-200G
  Mathews Alexander H. E-515H
  Mauldin Cecil E. W-200E
  May John W. W-200E
* Mayes James A. E-515G
* McAndrew Harold J. W-200C
  McBride Myrrl W. W-200D
  McCahon James H. W-Officer
  McCan Clarence M. W-200RegHq
* McCants Herbert W. W-200C
  McCartney Daniel A. W-Officer
* McCarty Charles N. (Jr.) E-515B
  McCarty John A. W-200MD
  McCollum Virgil O. (Jr.) W-Officer
  McCombs Earn L. W-200B
  McCombs Leonard R. W-200C
* McCool Parker   W-200G
  McCormick James C. W-200B
* McCreary Paul E. W-200B
  McCubbin Buell   W-200RegHq
  McDaniel Delbert R. W-200B
  McDermott Carlos T. W-200RegHq
  McGarrigle James D. W-200E
  McGee John T. W-200D
* McGee William D. W-200C
  McGraw August E. E-515G
  McKenzie James D. W-200A
* McKinley Chee   E-515B
* McKinzie William J. W-Officer
  McKnight Arlan   W-200B
* McLaughlin Egbert B. W-200A
  McLendon William E. W-200E
  McLeod Joseph E. E-515H
* McMillan George P. (Jr.) W-200Hq2Bn
  McMinn James M. W-Officer
  McVey Urban F. W-200B
* McWilliams Dale M. W-200A
* Medina Eutimio C. W-200E
  Medina Joe A. W-200H
  Medina Miguel   W-200E
  Medina Robert   W-200H
* Meek Douglas L. W-Officer
* Melendez Alfonso A. W-Officer
* Melvin Aaron B. E-515G
  Mendenhall Jake H. W-200B
  Mendoza Louis O. W-200RegHq
  Menini Carlo A. W-200D
* Merritt Thomas A. W-200C
* Mestas Julian A. W-200E
  Meuli Maynard C. W-200RegHq
* Meyer Vernon L. W-200D
* Meyer William H. (Jr.) E-515A
* Micheli Arthur A. W-200A
* Miera Moises   W-200H
* Millard Cleophas   E-515Hq1Bn
* Millard Melvin R. W-Officer
* Millenbaugh Paul D. W-200A
* Miller Charleston J. E-515C
* Miller Douglas W. W-200Hq2Bn
* Miller Frederick C. W-200Hq1Bn
* Miller [1] [2] Henry M. W-Officer
* Miller James S. E-515RegHq
  Miller Laddie   E-515A
  Miller Robert F. W-200B
* Miller Roy E. W-200A
* Milligan Chesley   W-200C
  Milligan Sam   E-515B
* Milliken George J. E-515C
  Mirabal Lorenzo   E-515D
* Mitchell Charles E. E-515F
  Mitchell Harwell H. W-200A
  Mitchell Robert D. E-515H
* Mitchell Robert E. W-200G
  Mitchell William J. E-515G
  Mondello Luke   W-200E
* Monk Glendell L. W-200E
  Montaño Gabriel B. W-200Hq2Bn
  Montaño Jose S. W-200F
  Montes Alejandro G. W-200E
  Montgomery Alton L. W-200H
  Montgomery Lee R. (Jr.) E-515Hq1Bn
  Montoya Andres A. W-200D
* Montoya Antonio A. W-Officer
  Montoya Benjamin   W-200H
  Montoya Carlos R. W-200RegHq
  Montoya Edras S. W-200G
  Montoya Ernest   E-515A
  Montoya Horacio H. W-200H
* Montoya Manuel L. W-200B
  Montoya Onofre   W-200H
  Montoya Orlando R. W-200B
* Montoya Pedro A. E-515F
  Montoya Teodoro J. W-200H
  Montoya Tony B. W-200A
* Moore George G. E-515F
  Moore Henry I. E-515D
  Moore Ralph E. W-200G
  Moore Raymond D. W-200F
  Moore Robert J. W-200H
* Moore William J. (Jr.) W-200E
* Mora Trine   E-515D
* Morgan Jacob C. (Jr.) W-200C
  Morris Burl M. W-200B
  Morris Everette M. E-515F
  Morris Gordon L. W-200Hq2Bn
* Morris James   W-200A
* Morris Jeff W. W-200F
* Morris Michael A. W-200MD
  Morrison Lester A. W-200Hq2Bn
* Morton Roy M. E-515F
  Moseley John J. E-515RegHq
* Moseley Juan F. W-200Hq1Bn
* Moses John B. E-515A
* Moss John D. E-515H
* Mott Eugene   E-515A
* Moulton James C. E-515C
  Mucha Frank J. W-200A
* Mueller Adolph F. E-515C
  Muller Gottlob C. W-200A
* Muniz Ignacio   E-515B
* Muños Manuel M. W-200C
  Munsey Cone J. W-200E
* Munson Lloyd W. E-515H
  Murphy John J. W-200MD
  Murrell Loye E. E-515H