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Gordon A. Lee

Training Days - Fort Bliss

Courtesy of Wilma Ticer Bull


Sgt Gordon Lee, E Battery, 200th CA(AA) was reassigned to H Battery, 515th CA(AA) and promoted to 2Lt when that unit was formed after hostilities began on 8 December 1941. 2Lt Lee lost his life when the Hell Ship Shinyo Maru was sunk on 7 September 1944.


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Jack Lewis’ Bronze Star

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum

Deming, New Mexico

Frank N. Lovato was transferred to the Provisional Tank Group (half-tracks) after Clark Field was bombed.


Witness to Bombing of Nagasaki Video Clip

News of soldiers in Philippines is varied for family


APR. 3, 1945 — Good and bad news came yesterday to the family of Pvt. Celso Lucero, who had been reported missing in action in the Philippines.

From the soldier, who was a cook with Battery D of New Mexico’s 200th, his wife and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elojio Lucero of Albuquerque, received a letter saying, “I am well and on my way home.” It gave no details. The letter was their first word from Lucero in more than four years.

But the soldier’s relatives also were notified by the war department that his brother-in-law, Pvt. Uvaldo Garcia, died last Sept. 7 in a Philippines prison camp. He was the son of Miguel Garcia, Albuquerque.

The elder Lucero said there had been no word since the fall of Bataan to indicate his son was captured by the Japanese, and he felt sure the soldier had been fighting as a guerrilla.

At Santa Fe, Cpl. Henry W. Day, Barnsdale, Okla., another member of the 200th, told friends that “quite a few” of the New Mexico regiment fled to the hills rather than surrender.

“One of them came into the lines the day before I left Luzon,” Day reported.

He said there were others out in the hills.


*  *  *


Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez declared April 7, 2002 “Celso Lucero Day.” The proclamation was presented to Mr. Lucero during the Bataan Memorial dedication ceremonies at Bataan Memorial Park.

Bataan Memorial Park

Albuquerque, New Mexico


“It’s him,” said Lillian Lujan, crying as she brushed her fingers across the name of her husband, Jimmie K Lujan. She was comforted by family members, all huddled under an umbrella during the dedication ceremonies for the newly extended Bataan Memorial in Bataan Memorial Park on April 7, 2002.


Jimmy K was from Taos Pueblo. He and his older brother, “Big Jim”, were attached to the 200th Coast Artillery's H Battery. Although not the last 200th man to die overseas, “Big Jim” was the last 200th man to die as a prisoner-of-war.


A third brother, Henry, also deployed to the Philippines, was shipped home in November 1941. He sailed with the SS Pierce and SS Coolidge — the two ships that brought 1st and 2nd Battalion (200th CA) to the Philippines in August and September 1941. In November, the ships were ferrying civilian evacuees out of Manila bound for San Francisco. On arrival in Hawaii on December 25, 1941, the ships took on wounded from the attacks at Pearl Harbor. The convoy arrived in San Francisco in later part of January 1942.


Yellow Hawk Dances And
Sings At Bliss


W YZ    


W = West Side of Park

E = East Side of Park




Thomas Lambert was an Officer in the 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft). The column bearing the names of all the Officers in the 200th & 515th CA(AA) Regiments is located on the West side of Bataan Memorial Park.


An (*) designates those men known to have died overseas.



* Lambert Thomas M. W-Officer
  Landavazo Ephren J. E-515D
* Landon Edwin S. E-515B
* Lane Kenneth L. W-200F
* Lansford Jack L. W-200RegHq
  Lara Porfirio   E-515F
  LaRue Virgil   W-200F
  Latham Henry P. E-515C
  Lauscher Howard A. E-515H
  Lawrence Wayne O. W-200C
* Lawson Dave B. W-200A
  LeRoux Louis G. E-515H
* Leber Frederick W. E-515F
  Lee Cleovis M. W-200Hq2Bn
* Lee Gordon A. W-Officer
* Lee Roy   W-200Hq2Bn
  Lee Thomas K. (Jr.) E-515H
* Lee Walter L. W-200Hq2Bn
  Leiker William J. W-200Hq1Bn
* Lemke John A. W-200H
* Lente Seferino   W-200A
* Lerma Juan S. W-200B
  Lerner Morris L. W-200H
* Leslie Benjamin F. (Jr.) W-200H
* LeVelle Edward G. W-200Hq2Bn
* Levin Solomon D. W-200G
  Levrier [1] [2] Alfredo N. W-200G
  Lewis Brooks B. W-200RegHq
  Lewis Jack S. W-200RegHq
  Lewis Lloyd T. W-200Hq2Bn
  Lewis Ralph C. W-200B
  Leyba Macedonio B. W-200C
  Leyba Max   E-515A
* Leyba Ramon B. W-200C
  Light Jake W. E-515D
* Light Wayne E. E-515B
  Lightfoot Jefferson O. W-200Hq2Bn
  Limpert Daniel C. W-Officer
  Lindsay Y. C. W-200RegHq
  Lingo Edward F. W-Officer
  Lockard Edwin S. (Jr.) E-515RegHq
* Loggins Larry A. E-515F
  Loman Louis E. (Jr.) W-200F
  Long Carl M. W-200RegHq
* Long Edgar V. E-515G
* Long Julian O. W-Officer
  Long Martin S. W-200F
* Long Thomas V. E-515B
  Longoria Jose A. E-515D
* Looney Virgel L. W-200A
  Lopez Albino   E-515A
* Lopez David   W-200E
  Lopez Eliseo   E-515Hq2Bn
  Lopez Genaro B. W-200C
  Lopez Gregorio   E-515A
* Lopez Lorenzo   W-200B
  Lopez Luis   E-515D
* Lopez Nicolas   W-200C
* Lopez Samuel   E-515C
* Lorenz Delbert M. E-515H
  Lovato Amador B. E-515G
  Lovato Frank N. W-200Hq1Bn
  Lovato Henry A. W-200A
  Lovato Juan S. W-200D
  Lovato Rosenaldo   W-200A
  Love John E. W-200C
* Love William E. W-200C
* Lowe Harold S. W-200A
  Loya Jose M. W-200F
  Lucas Marvin H. W-Officer
  Lucero Alphonso M. W-200C
  Lucero Celso H. W-200D
* Lucero Gustavo R. W-200H
* Lucero Jerry   W-200H
  Lucero Joe T. E-515C
  Lucero Jose G. E-515C
* Lucero Jose L. W-200B
* Lucero Lupe   E-515H
  Lucero Nano C. W-200B
  Lucero Natividad J. W-200A
  Lucero Robert O. W-200Hq2Bn
  Lucero Santiago G. E-515G
* Lueras Ernest G. E-515B
* Lugibihl Myron R. (Jr.) E-515D
* Luikart [1] [2] John C. W-Officer
  Lujan Errett L. E-515C
  Lujan Jimmie K. W-200H
* Lujan Jimmy   W-200H
* Lujan Joe I. W-200H
  Lujan Leopoldo   W-200Hq1Bn
* Luna Candido   W-200Hq2Bn
* Lunasee Edgar   W-200E
* Lunsford Buford L. E-515G
* Luther Robert H. W-200G
  Lutich Louis P. W-Officer
  Lyall Lawrence L. W-200F
* Lyons Howard F. W-200D