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Mess Kit & Utensils

Used by Memory Cain POW


“To Colonel Cain, whom I knew best, I take off my hat in tribute. With him will go the prayers of men of the 200th who were with him at Camp O’Donnell, Cabanatuan and Davao. Colonel Cain, giving his can of sardines (the first can he had in months) to a dying member of the 200th, is something none of us will ever forget. The prayer meetings he held at a times when all hope seemed lost is another memory which will stay with all those who know him.”


— Col Stephen M. Mellnick, GSC

Max M. Casaus

Post-War Photo

Rites Sunday for Clovis Brothers


CLOVIS, Jan. 18, 1949 (Special) — Funeral services for two Clovis soldiers who died in a Japanese prison camp in 1942 will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Steed Memorial Chapel. Military rites will be conducted at Clovis cemetery by members of Dean Lucas Post No. 23, American Legion.

The young men, Cpl. Dean R. Chalk and Pvt. Albert Junior Chalk, were 19 and 23, respectively, at the time of their deaths, which occurred five days apart while they were imprisoned at Camp O'Donnell on the island of Luzon. Both had been members of the 200th Coast Artillery, and were captured when Bataan fell. They were together throughout the time of their service and imprisonment.

Survivors are the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Chalk, Clovis; a sister, Mrs. Jewel Willey, Downey, Cal.; and a brother, D. E. Chalk, Gallup.

199 New Mexicans Jap Prisoners


JAN. 14, 1943 — The number of New Mexico soldiers and officers reported as prisoners of the Japanese in the Philippines rose to 199 today with the addition of four more names, including a Navajo Indian, to the list.

Corp. Melvin Chato, Tohatchi, N.M., was the Navajo, and he was believed to be among the first of his tribesmen reported a Japanese prisoner. He fought in the Bataan campaign.

Other recent listings included Sgt. J. B. Francis of Albuquerque, and Sgt. Arthur James Harrison, and Sgt. Jessie W. Adkins, both of Clovis.

Edward E. Chavez

MSgt. Medic Coast Artillery


KNME Channel 5, Albuquerque celebrates Ken Burns’ “The War” with New Mexico stories.

Jose “Chaveta” Chavez


Clark Field: “All of our aircraft were on fire — none made it into the air. Me and Jimmy Morris jumped under a truck for coverage. What we didn't know is that the truck was loaded with fuel for the airplanes. Everything was in chaos.”


Lunas Lunas Museum
of Heritage and Arts

Juan Manuel ‘Bob’ Chavez

Photo by Eddie Moore for the

Albuquerque Journal (2002)


Bob Chavez, a Native American from Cochiti Pueblo, manned his gun alone when the Japanese bombed Clark Field on 8 December 1942. He would later survive the Bataan Death March.


During his 3-1/2 years as a prisoner of war, Chavez vowed that if he made it back to New Mexico, he would devote himself to St. Catherine’s Indian School, where he was a member of the first graduating class in 1935.


Chavez first volunteered as a sports coach at St. Catherine’s. In 1953, he introduced track into the curriculum and built a winning team. In 1955 he began teaching art classes in a basement studio he and his wife themselves constructed at the school. Chavez was a volunteer teacher until the school closed in 1998.


In 2002, Mr. Chavez received the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts Lifetime Achievement Award. He was also named a Santa Fe “Living Treasure.”


Mr. Chavez died at his home in Santa Fe on July 30, 2003. He was 87.

William B. Clark

1918 - 2007


Library of Congress: American Folklife Center: Veterans History Project.

Major Robert Compton, Carlsbad, New Mexico, arrives in Oahu after liberation.


[US Army Signal Corps]

Howard Chrisco

(2nd from left)


Howard Chrisco, Ramon Corona and Floyd Reynolds' story is told in Steven Trent Smith's, “The Rescue.”


On May 6, 2009, Howard Chrisco was introduced by Representative Bob May, State of Missouri, and recognized as an “Outstanding Missourian.”


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Walter Cornell


Camp #12 - May 2, 1944 - Weight 59 kilos


Courtesy of Georgia Owens,


Also See: Two New Mexico Members Of 200th Are On Way Home

JUN. 16, 1999 — W. T. Clements (right) and James Richardson (59th CA) of Everett, WA met each other at Camp O’Donnell. Both men labored in Japanese coal mines for two years filling up coal cars. They silently rebelled by sometimes putting rocks in with the coal. “If it wasn’t for him, I’d be dead,” Clements said of Richardson. He said their friendship was a bright spot in an otherwise dismal experience.


Amarillo Globe-News



The remains of Cpl. Glenn L. Crabtree arrived in Winchester Wednesday, from the Philippines, where he died in a Japanese prison camp, Nov. 15, 1942. They were taken to the Danner Funeral Home until the funeral hour, 2:30 o’clock, Thursday afternoon, April 28, 1949, at the Christian church.

Rev. R. V. Wright of the Baptist church officiated with interment in the Winchester cemetery, where Julian Wells Post, No. 442, American Legion were in charge.

Cpl. Crabtree is survived by his mother, Mrs. Nettie Crabtree and two sisters, Miss Frances at home and Mrs. H. L. Allison of Springfield.

His father, James Willard (Joe) Crabtree, passed away Dec. 26, 1946.

“Bill” as Glenn’s many friends knew him, graduated from the Winchester High School in 1934. He was one of the finest type of young men, highly respected, and his untimely death came as shock not only to his family but to the entire community.


*  *  *


Our thanks to Cheryl Behrend for providing a copy of the above news item.

Howard G. Craig


Howard Craig of Deming was 51 years old when this photo was taken as the Regiment readied for deployment to the Philippines. He lost his life on the Hell Ship Oryoku Maru on 15 December 1944.

W YZ    


W = West Side of Park

E = East Side of Park




Dwight Cable was attached to C Battery, 515th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft). The column bearing the names of the men of C Battery, 515th CA(AA) is located on the East side of Bataan Memorial Park.


An (*) designates those men known to have died overseas.



  Cable Dwight R. E-515C
* Cady Harris Y. W-200A
* Cain James R. E-515RegHq
  Cain Memory H. (Sr.) W-Officer
* Calanchi Louis B. W-200B
  Calderon Arthur J. E-515D
* Calkins Llewellyn I. W-200A
  Campbell Aubrey L. E-515C
  Campbell Coyle A. W-200B
* Campbell Kenneth A. W-200Hq1Bn
  Campbell Manuel   W-200Hq1Bn
  Campbell Robert A. W-200Hq1Bn
  Campbell Roger D. W-200MD
* Canales Fidel   W-200G
* Candiello Samuel A. W-Officer
  Cardenas Eloy P. W-200H
  Cardenas Marcos S. W-200B
  Cardin Thomas G. W-200F
* Carpenter Robert E. W-200G
  Carr Leslie J. W-200A
* Carriere Joe M. W-200B
* Carrillo Abie A. E-515C
* Carrillo Joe E. W-200H
  Carrillo Manuel   W-200Hq1Bn
* Carson Lupe B. W-200A
* Casaus Juan (Jr.) W-200G
  Casaus Max M. W-200H
  Casaus Sotero   W-200RegHq
  Case Clair L. W-Band
  Cassias Joe T. W-200B
* Cast Elzie L. W-200Hq1Bn
* Castillo Filimon C. W-200Hq1Bn
  Castleberry Roy C. W-200F
  Cata Jose I. W-200A
  Cater Jack A. E-515F
* Cates Marvin F. W-200H
* Catlett Dick W. W-200G
* Cavanaugh Bernard   W-200G
  Celusniak Louis B. W-200C
* Chacon Amadeo   W-200C
  Chaffin Roy M. W-200A
  Chaires Francisco H. W-200RegHq
  Chaires Miguel H. E-515MD
* Chalk Albert G. (Jr.) W-200Hq2Bn
* Chalk Dean R. E-515Hq2Bn
* Chamberlin Jack B. W-Band
  Chaney James W. W-Officer
  Chapa David N. W-200A
* Chapman Raymond   E-515F
  Charlie Thomas   W-200H
  Charmelo Albert C. W-200F
  Chato Melvin   E-515A
* Chavez Adolfo (Jr.) W-200C
  Chavez Asier   E-515G
  Chavez Beltram   W-200A
  Chavez Ben T. W-200F
* Chavez Berto   W-200A
  Chavez Cipriano P. E-515F
  Chavez Clovis G. W-200Hq1Bn
  Chavez David A. E-515MD
  Chavez David   W-200D
  Chavez Edward E. E-515MD
* Chavez Ernest A. E-515A
  Chavez Ernest J. W-200A
* Chavez Horacio S. W-200MD
  Chavez Joe D. W-200Hq1Bn
  Chavez Jose S. W-200RegHq
  Chavez Juan M. E-515D
* Chavez Laudente   W-200E
  Chavez Lazaro A. E-515B
* Chavez Louis   W-200D
  Chavez Miguel N. E-515RegHq
* Chavez Oziel   W-200D
* Chavez Ralph P. W-200MD
* Chavez Raymond S. E-515C
* Chavez Raymond   W-200D
  Chavez Tony P. W-200MD
* Chavira Joe B. E-515B
* Cheama Ernest H. W-200A
  Cheney Charles E. E-515C
  Cherne Clem J. W-200Hq2Bn
  Chesser Norman J. W-200RegHq
  Chintis Nicholas   E-515G
  Chischilly Levi   E-515MD
  Choate Bruce N. W-200F
  Chrisco Howard T. W-200E
  Cimerone Lorenzo P. W-200D
  Cisneros Ramon B. W-200G
  Cisneros Thomas G. W-200RegHq
  Clanton Arnold R. E-515F
* Clark Charles E. E-515H
* Clark Charles T. W-200G
  Clark Donald   W-Band
* Clark Louis L. W-200G
  Clark Ralph F. E-515RegHq
  Clark Russell   W-Band
  Clark William B. W-200B
  Clay Reece L. W-200E
* Clayton Kermit   E-515H
  Clements W. T. W-200A
* Coca Jose L. E-515H
  Cochran Rochell   W-200E
  Cochran William R. (Jr.) E-515MD
  Cockrell Clifton   W-200Hq1Bn
* Coffey Kenneth   E-515G
* Coffindaffer Rexell B. W-200G
* Coggeshall Charles A. E-515B
* Cohen Solomon N. E-515B
* Colburn Quentin D. W-200G
  Cole Olen   W-Officer
  Coleman William R. W-200C
* Colvard George T. W-Officer
  Compton Robert J. W-Officer
* Concha Fernando   W-200H
  Conner John A. W-200F
  Constant John V. E-515D
* Contreras Francisco   W-200C
  Contreras Juan   W-200C
  Cook Thalis R. W-200G
* Cooksey Buford F. E-515D
* Copeland Sid   W-200C
* Cordova Adolfo (Jr.) E-515B
* Cordova Adonaiz N. E-515H
* Cordova Edward   W-200A
* Cordova Filadelfio   W-200H
* Cordova Hilario O. (Jr.) W-200A
* Cordova Jose   W-200H
* Cordova Julian Z. (Jr.) W-200B
  Cordova Richard L. W-200A
* Coriz Domingo   E-515B
  Cornell Walter P. W-200D
  Corona Ramon Z. (Jr.) E-515H
  Cortez Guadalupe F. W-200A
* Cotten John C. E-515H
* Covert Delbert O. W-200G
* Cox Alfred R. W-200H
  Cox Donald H. W-200F
  Cox Oscar A. W-200F
  Cox Thomas C. W-Officer
  Crabb Jessie W. W-200F
* Crabtree Glenn L. W-200A
* Craft Dean H. W-Officer
  Craig George M. E-515C
* Craig Howard G. W-Officer
  Crawford Robert C. W-200D
* Cree George W. W-200C
* Crowder Henry F. W-200D
  Crowson Oscar J. (II) E-515MD
* Cruz Jose C. E-515F
  Cullum Franklin R. W-200F
* Cummings Warner W. W-200Hq2Bn
* Curry Kleo I. W-200RegHq
* Curtis Austin J. W-Officer