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Charge Veteran Did Not Get Proper Care


CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) — APR. 26, 1948 — The national president and a director of the Bataan Veterans organization have asserted that John C. Barberia, 28-year old veteran of Bataan, had not received proper medical treatment by the veterans administration.

Barberia, of Carlsbad, died last Wednesday in a veterans hospital in Fort Logan, Colo.

The statement came from Lt. Col. Virgil O. McCollum, Carlsbad, national president of the Bataan Veterans, and Joe S. Smith, Albuquerque, BVO director.

Specifically, the BVO officers said the veterans administration hospital at Albuquerque failed to diagnose properly and treat Barberia’s ailment.



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Julio Barela

Philippines Pre-war


Robert Maxwell Blattman

“The young men who died here gave testimony with their life blood to their convictions as soldiers and patriots. We, the living, carrying in our bodies, the scars of the conflict, will remember those days and our comrades.


“Grant all nations the wisdom to avoid war in the future. But, if some are impervious to wisdom, always raise up the good as your mighty force to crush evil underfoot.”


— Major Dow Bond

H Battery, Taos, New Mexico



December 15, 1984, Olangapo City, Philippine Islands, in memory of 1,200 American prisoners of war who died on December 15, 1944 when the Japanese “Hell Ship,” the Oryoku Maru, was sunk in Subic Bay.

Phillip Box, the son of Minter Box, receives medals awarded posthumously to his father during the Bataan Memorial Ceremony in Santa Fe on 9 April 2000. Minter Box was killed in a tractor accident in 1966.

Left to right: Lt. Commander William J. Gailbraith, USN, Lt. Col. Donald Spicer, USMC, and Cpt. Jack K. Boyer, 200th Coast Artillery, raise American flag at Rokuroshi POW Camp after liberation.


Signal Corps Photograph. 111-SC-224001. National Archives.


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Father Albert Braun

Arrives in Oahu after liberation en route to New Mexico


A special exception was made with the inclusion of Father Braun's name on the Bataan Memorial. Father Braun was actually attached to the 45th Infantry, 91st Coast Artillery, but considered an honorary member of the 200th Coast Artillery. At the urging of the Regiment's Chaplain Ted Howden, Father Braun came over from Corregidor each week and said Mass for the 200th's Catholic troops on Bataan. In Reverend Ted Howden's last days at the prisoner of war camp at Davao, Father Braun nursed him and gave him comfort.


[US Army Signal Corps]

SSgt Charles M. Burrus

Regimental HQ Battery

515th Coast Artillery

Died Camp O'Donnell

June 4, 1942


Photo courtesy of Molly Daniel. Ms. Daniel has been collecting histories of Arenzville, Illinois veterans for the last several years. She tells us that Charles Burrus’ brother, Jack, a WWII veteran himself, met Tom Welsh and Gunnar Sacson, both members of the 200th Coast Artillery, in the 1980s. Tom Welsh was with SSgt Burrus at the time of his death at Camp O'Donnell, and was able to give “Jack great comfort and removed the agony of not knowing any more than the ‘official’ story” behind Charles’ death.

Rhodun Martin Bussell

POW #123 Mukaishima


One of three men who raised the FIRST American flag to fly over the Japanese on August 18, 1945 at Mukaishima prisoner-of-war camp, Honshu Island, Japan.


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Clifford Omtvedt


In the year of ’41

Still fresh in my mind

On the 8th day of December

War was declared


Around 12 noon

When the event took place

The Japanese attack came

Clark Field was bombarded


The airplanes left

And everything went silent

Dead and injured were left

In large numbers


There were so many injured

That the total was very large

They were picked up from the field

And taken straight to the hospital


Those poor pilots

My heart hurts for them

They were all killed

Right next to their planes


The American Pilots

They were great flyers

They were caught by surprise

They could not take off


We completed the four months

On the 8th of April

We could no longer fight

We had to surrender


And when we finally surrendered

I don't want to remember

They put us in ranks

and made us march


We marched from Mariveles

Right to San Fernando

They shoved us on a train

Right to Camp O'Donnell


We arrived at Camp O'Donnell

Late around 2

They puts us inside the fence

And guards around it


Ay! The ungracious Japanese

They had no compassion

They have us here suffering

In this concentration camp


They worked us with pick and shovel

All blessed day long

They did not want to feed us

Except for a little plate of rice


With this I say good-bye

With the pain in my heart

And just to be thinking

How sad this prison was


If you want to know who I am

I will give you my name

Lorenzo Ybarra Banegas

I will see you very soon


*  *  *


See WWII veterans recall the Bataan Death March of 1942. Interspersed with clips from a recording of the “Corrido de Bataan” from the Smithsonian Institution’s Corridos Sin Fronteras - A New World Ballad Tradition. Includes the 200th’s Lorenzo Banegas, Ruben Flores, Cash Skarda and Virgil Sherwood. (Requires Quick Time Player)

W YZ    


W = West Side of Park

E = East Side of Park




Alfredo Baca was attached to A Battery, 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft). The column bearing the names of the men of A Battery, 200th CA(AA) is located on the West side of Bataan Memorial Park.


An (*) designates those men known to have died overseas.



  Baca Alfredo   W-200A
  Baca Eligio   W-200F
* Baca Ernest G. W-Band
* Baca Ignacio   E-515A
* Baca Juan E. W-200B
* Baca Pablo J. E-515C
* Baca Raymond F. (Jr.) E-515B
* Baca Thomas G. W-200D
* Bacak John J. E-515F
  Baclawski Arthur M. W-200RegHq
* Bailey Glenn E. W-Officer
  Bailey Jollie   W-200Hq1Bn
  Bailey Marvin   E-515F
  Bain Charles V. W-200B
  Bain Francis G. E-515F
  Baker Charlie W. E-515D
  Baker Marvin L. W-200C
  Baldonado Jose M. W-200A
  Baldonado Juan T. (Jr.) W-200A
  Baldwin Robert D. W-Band
  Ballou William G. W-200F
  Bandoni Joseph J. W-200A
  Banegas Lorenzo Y. W-200A
  Bangs William L. W-200B
  Barberia John C. W-200F
  Barela Antonio J. W-200B
* Barela Herman P. E-515A
  Barela Julio T. W-200A
  Barka Thomas   W-200F
* Barker Haymond L. E-515B
  Barker Truman M. W-200D
* Barnes Bulen   E-515B
  Barnes Lellon   E-515B
* Barnes William M. W-200G
  Barrera Gregorio   E-515F
* Barreras Eliseo M. W-200A
  Barreras Joe   W-200D
  Barron Charley R. E-515D
* Barron Ernest C. W-200D
* Bayne Alvin L. W-Officer
* Beal Byron C. W-200E
* Beall John F. W-Officer
  Beasley Leon D. W-200F
* Beaudoen Charles R. W-200A
  Beck Edgar R. E-515H
* Beck Garrison V. E-515Hq1Bn
  Beck James W. (Jr.) E-515H
* Becker Darwin C. W-Officer
  Beckman Harold C. W-200RegHq
  Begay Keats P. W-200E
  Begaye John Y. W-200E
  Beger Wilbur J. E-515C
* Begley Samuel C. W-200Hq2Bn
* Bell Chunkie F. E-515H
  Bell Francis E. E-515C
  Bell Leonard R. W-200Hq1Bn
  Bell Robert N. W-200RegHq
  Berger Steve   W-200F
  Bergquist Francis E. W-200B
  Berlanga Martin   W-200Hq2Bn
* Beserra Julio T. W-200RegHq
  Besher Floyd R. W-200H
  Beyers Melvin A. W-Officer
* Bianco Frank   E-515F
* Bickford Harlan C. E-515C
* Biri Henry F W-200F
* Birner Ernest M. W-200D
* Bishop Frank S. W-200Hq2Bn
* Black Billie M. W-200RegHq
  Blattman Robert M. W-200B
* Blauer Robert L. E-515Hq1Bn
* Blazevich John   W-200C
  Blea Juan J. E-515C
  Bloomfield Don C. W-200B
  Blueher William A. W-Officer
* Blythe Howard O. E-515B
* Boese Abram R. W-200E
  Boggs Robert K. W-200H
  Bohannon Carl E. W-200F
  Bohn Thomas P. W-200A
  Bolf Anthony   E-515D
  Bollen George H. W-200B
* Bolton Shelley L. E-515C
  Bond Dow G. W-Officer
* Booth Charles R. E-515B
* Borchert Freeman F. W-200A
* Borunda David G. W-200B
  Borunda Robert   W-200B
* Botello Pete   W-200A
* Bounds George W. W-200F
* Bowman Thomas C. W-200Hq2Bn
* Bowman Wesley S. E-515B
* Bowra William G. W-200D
  Box Minter   W-200E
* Boyd Grady   W-200Hq1Bn
* Boyd Harmon E. E-515Hq1Bn
  Boyd James C. W-200D
  Boyer Jack K. W-Officer
  Boyles John T. W-200C
* Bradley J. L. E-515C
  Bradley Jack W. W-Officer
* Branning Adam (Jr.) W-200F
* Brantley Clarence D. E-515B
  Braun Albert W. W-Officer
  Breustedt Charles W. W-200A
  Brewer Clinton R. W-200D
  Brewer Fred M. W-200RegHq
  Brewster Burl A. W-200F
* Bright William L. W-200C
* Brink Alfred E. W-200G
* Brink Ralph S. E-515F
* Brinkerhoff Walter W. W-200H
  Brooks Bernard E. W-200RegHq
  Brooks Delbert H. E-515RegHq
* Brown Bill W. (Jr.) E-515C
  Brown Charles M. W-Officer
  Brown Douglas F. E-515G
  Brown Earl R. E-515Hq1Bn
* Brown George R. W-Officer
  Brown James R. W-200B
* Brown Joseph T. W-200RegHq
  Brown Marvin L. W-200B
  Brown Mavis S. W-200F
  Brown Norman C. W-200B
* Brown Ocie J. E-515F
* Brown Ocie E. W-200H
  Bruce William L. W-200RegHq
  Brunt Loyal B. W-200F
* Bryant Otis C. W-Officer
* Bryant T. B. W-200E
  Buckner Calvin C. W-200F
  Bull Malcolm T. E-515A
  Bunch William P. E-515F
  Burch Ray J. W-200H
  Burchell Etcyl E. W-200H
  Burchfield Waldon L. W-200G
  Burhans Earl V. W-200RegHq
  Burke Richard P. E-515G
  Burkeholder Eugene P. W-200F
  Burnett James A. W-200Hq1Bn
  Burns Jonathan P. W-200RegHq
* Burrell Donald W. W-Band
  Burrell Thomas C. W-200RegHq
  Burrola Joseph M. W-200H
  Burrola William M. W-200D
* Burrus Charles M. E-515RegHq
* Burruss Eugene   W-200RegHq
  Burson Curtis E. (Jr.) W-Officer
  Burton George W. W-200E
  Buse Sam P. W-200F
* Bush Denzel O. W-200D
  Bussell Rhodun M. E-515G
  Bustamante Nestor M. W-200G
  Butler Irvin R. W-200H
* Byard Robert A. W-200F
  Byars Marlett E. W-200D
  Byers Lloyd R. E-515G
  Byrne Lawrence H. W-200RegHq