Rubin M. Althaus, Headquarters Battery 2nd Battalion 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft)
Rubin M. Althaus

Buddy of Pvt. Rubin Althaus Visited Here Recently


Orie B. Weeks, of Port Neches, Texas, a buddy of Pvt. Rubin Althaus during the army training period, who was with Rubin on Corregidor at the time they were captured and during the time they were in the Japanese prison, visited with Rubinís parents only a week prior to the arrival of the telegraphic message recently advising Mr. and Mrs. Althaus of the shipping of their sonís body to the states.

Weeks was one of those permitted to attend the funeral of Pvt. Althaus in the Japanese prison camp cemetery.

As of Wednesday, this week, the body of Pvt. Althaus was still in San Antonio and no further information has been had as to when funeral services are to be held for the deceased war veteran.


ó Date & Source Unknown

Courtesy of Ollie Shaetter who personally handled Althaus' funeral


Rubin Althaus was from Fredericksburg, Texas. He died December 12, 1942 at Hoten POW Camp in Mukden, Manchuria. Orie Weeks who was also a Hq Battery 2BN 200th CA(AA) man, was imprisoned with Althaus at Mukden.

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