Mrs. Overmier's Kindness

3/30/2011 4:49 PM MST




My wife and I attended the Bataan Memorial March at White Sands last weekend. We were waiting in the next room to attend the buffet on Sunday. I had only met her on the previous afternoon, briefly, as I met her son thru his girlfriend, who was selling BBB T Shirts. She asked why we were not in the room to eat with the Survivors and their families. I explained we did not have tickets as they we did not qualify for them. My late Father is in the group picture on the website with last row on right end, and was a member of the 31st Infantry. Mrs. Overmier gave me two tickets she had. We were able to sit at the next table, and at an adjacent table a Survivor had a 31st Assoc. pin on his Cover. I was able to speak with him and found out he remembered my Father. Our family has been in NM since 1958 and Dad made many local friends, mostly POWs. I met many in my teenage years; they have mostly all passed as did Dad in '97. I was there for a number of reasons, the main was to find anyone who knew my Dad and members of his Regiment. The one I met on Sat. could not remember me, said he left his memory at home, but the next one did. I had difficulty not crying when speaking with him and my voice sounded strange. The kindness of Mrs. Overmier made this the Highlight of my trip. I have joined the New Mexico Guardians of Our Heritage, Defenders of Bataan, and we had a General Membership meeting at White Sands.

I have my Father's VFW Life Membership card showing he joined Post 9354 in 1988. He helped found the 31st Infantry Regiment Association in 1979 and was active in many others. He and his brother survived The March but his brother passed in Camp O'Donnell soon after. I hope to meet some of the relatives of his local POW friends at Bataan Park in Abq. next Sat. and other events.


Never Forget

Thank You Mrs. Overmier

Richard Lewis