POW depiction of Cabanatuan Prison Camp.


From the prison camps in the Philippines and Japan to the cities and towns of New Mexico, the soldiers and their families survived. The soldiers strengthened by their common identity as New Mexicans, survived by reminding each other of their families, friends, and common experiences back home.

The prisoner on the right has the name “Leo” written underneath, and the fellow in front of him, “Gap”. Leo, is the 200th's Leo Padilla, and Gap is the 515th's Agapito Silva. Mr. Padilla would be shipped to Hoten POW camp in Manchuria, and Mr. Silva would wind up at Fukuoka Camp 17 in Omuta, Japan. Both men were instrumental in the building of the new Bataan Monument at Bataan Memorial Park in Albuquerque, dedicated 60 years after the fall of Bataan in 2002, in memory of their comrades.