The Death March


“I can't give you men much advice. Just always remember you are American soldiers, and act like soldiers at all times. Someday our troops will be back. Use your heads, for godsake, and stick together — no matter what happens.”


— Captain Albert K. Fields

“Beyond Courage”

The Death March was an approximate 63 mile, or 100km march to San Fernando on Luzon from the southernmost tip of the Bataan Peninsula at Mariveles. At San Fernando, prisoners were packed about 100 men at a time into cattle cars that should have only held about 40 men, for a train ride to Capas, and then a final 7 mile march to Camp O'Donnell. Not all prisoners began the March at Mariveles, and not all those who were surrendered made the Death March. There are no known “lists” of the some 10,000 Americans and approximate 60,000 Filipinos caught up in the March.