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“The National Bulletin”

Bataan Relief Organization

Vol. IV, No. 1-2-3,

May-June-July, 1946


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Congress Gets Claims Commission Legislation in Closing Session


A bill setting up the machinery for the filing and adjudication of damage claims of American prisoners of the Japanese during the war was introduced in the closing days before adjournment of the Seventy-Ninth Congress.

The legislation, vital to the future of thousands of liberated prisoners of war, the heirs of those who did not return and civilians, was introduced in the Senate by Dennis Chavez, junior Senator from New Mexico, and in the House by Antonio M. Fernandez, Representative at large from New Mexico.

Carl A. Hatch, senior Senator from New Mexico, joined with Senator Chavez in the introduction of the legislation while Representative Ed V. Izac of California joined with Rep. Fernandez to present a separate companion bill in the House.

Since the dark days when New Mexico's famous Coast Artillery regiment was captured on Bataan, New Mexico's congressional delegation have been active in the support of all relief programs generated by the Bataan Relief Organization and its affiliated groups throughout the nation.

Representative Izac is particularly concerned in the bill to establish a Claims Commission, since as a veteran of World War I, he received the largest Prisoner of War award granted by the old Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany. The Congressman is the only Medal of Honor man in the Congress. His home is in San Diego, California.

The proposed legislation was introduced at the request of a number of Bataan groups who have coordinated their effort in a national activity for the purpose of concentrating on the national phase of the movement in the interests of liberated prisoners and heirs of the deceased. The introduction was made in conjunction with the Claims Committee of Liberated Military Personnel (Japan).



Elect Tixier New President


With the election August 13 of the full list of officers reconversion of the Bataan Relief Organization into the Bataan Veterans Organization is now complete and control of the BRO has been formally turned over to the liberated members of New Mexico's 200th C.A.

F. Foch Tixier was elected president with Edward E. Chavez, vice president, Charlie Montoya, secretary and Joseph Bandoni Treasurer.

The only contest came in the election of Treasurer when William S. Horabin was nominated to oppose the candidacy of Bandoni. Count of the ballots declared Bandoni winner by only one vote.

With the officers also members of the Executive Committee, others are Johnny Sedillo, William S. Horabin, Harry Steen, Pat Varela, Orlando Montoya and Charlie Sanchez.



U.S. Army Officer Likes Japs


An American army officer defending five top-ranking Japanese charged with war crimes contended Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was no more mass murder than the atomic bombing at Hiroshima, an AP dispatch from Tokyo declared.

The National Bulletin desires the name of that officer so that he might receive from thousands of next of kin and liberated prisoners opinions and expressions which might alter his concern over dead Japs.



Death Notices


Liberated prisoners are urged to carefully read all death notices and requests for information. Next of kin are extremely anxious for any news concerning their boys who did not get back. Be sure and write . . . make some mother happy if you knew her son!


Sgt. Donald W. Burrell. His mother would like to hear from friends who were with him after leaving Camp No. 1, particularly Major Fitch, Sgt. Jess Finley and Earl Pyatt.


Pfc. Carl R. Capes, 7th Mat. Sqd., Clark Field. Trained at Kirtland Field, Albuquerque, N.M. Interned at Cabanatuan and Camp Hoten, Mukden. We will appreciate any word concerning him. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Capes, 225 Naval Ave., Bremerton, Wash.


Lt. Harry Burton Black, Pro. Tank Group. Reported to have died at Fukuoka camp on Honshu Feb. 11, 1945. Will anyone who knew this officer in Japan please contact his mother, Mrs. Harry Black, 520 East Douglas St., Roseburg, Oregon.


George David Couch. Commissioned a second lieutenant on Bataan. Interned at Cabanatuan until transferred in October 1944 to Bilibid for removal to Japan. Lost in December 1944 prison ship sinking. Mother anxious to contact those who knew him on Corregidor. Mrs. John H. Couch, 4222 N. Ashland, Chicago, Ill.


Lt. Col. Ralph T. Garver, Headquarters Division, Philippine Dept. Killed on the Death March, April 12, 1942. I would greatly appreciate hearing from any of the returned boys who may have known my brother. P. E. Garver, 386 Linden Ave., Glenn Ellyn, Ill. Phone—Glenn Ellyn 1890.


Sipriano Griego is advised that Sgt. Angus Steward is at Bruns, Ward C-14. Griego, please write Chaplain John J. Dugan at Cushing General Hospital, Framingham, Mass.


Joseph Ambrose Halpin, U.S.S. Canopus, Carpenters Mate 1st Class, U.S. Navy. His sister would like to hear from any of the boys on this submarine tender or knew him in prison camp where he died. Mrs. Marjorie Kaufman, 7487 Wise Ave., Richmond Heights, Mo.


Cpl. Chas. W. Hanson, USMC Hdqs. Co., 4th Marines in China. Captured on Corregidor, moved to Bilibid and reported dead in prison boat sinking Dec. 15, 1944. Anyone who was with him at any time is asked to kindly contact his mother. She will deeply appreciate it. Mrs. G. H. Pickrel, 214 Arapaho, Caldwell, Kans.


Cpl. Frank Hlivjak, Co. B, 31st Inf. Died July 1942 in unknown prison camp. Musically inclined and played the violin. Information will be greatly appreciated by his sister: Mary Demko, 9606 S. Ridgeway Ave., Evergreen Park, Ill.


Russell M. Hoffman, Tech. 4th Grade. Died May 17, Camp O’Donnell. Served with 20th Air Base at Nichols Field. Anyone knowing him please write his mother, Mrs. Ethel Hoffman, 5205 East First St., Superior, Wis.


John H. Hoover. PhM1-c, 4th Marines. Served on Corregidor and reported on Death March. Taken to Bilibid prison and removed on prison ship in October 1944 when he lost his life. His mother would be glad to hear from anyone who knew him. Mrs. Fannie Hoover, 1137 West St., Grinnell, Iowa.


Thomas A. Hushbeck. Died at Camp O’Donnell, May 18, 1942. His mother will welcome any information. Mrs. Gertrude E. Hushbeck, Buffalo, Wyo.


Pfc. Robert A. Jackson, Co. A, 31st Inf. Reported captured on Bataan, made the Death March and died in Camp O’Donnell in May 1942. He had been assistant company clerk, could type and played in basketball games before war started. Almost 6 feet tall, blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Any survivor of Company A who knew him and could tell me any word or message at all please do so. so far have not been able to contact any Co. A. men. Mrs. W. C. Jackson, 2124 SW Taylor, Portland, Oregon.


Pvt. John N. Lougnot, 440th Ordnance Co., Clark Field. Interned at Camp No. 2, Davao. Lost in sinking of prison ship, Sept. 1944. His mother is seeking information regarding anyone who knew him. Mrs. John R. Lougnot, 1229 Teall Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.


Major Thompson Brooke Maury III. Left U.S. for Philippines in June 1941. Died on Japanese prison ship bombed by U.S. forces in Subic Bay on Dec. 15, 1944. Was Adjutant and Group Commander at Cabanatuan Prison Camp No. 1. Mother is writing sketch of his life. Would be most grateful for any information about the fighting on Bataan, and especially about her son. Mrs. Magruder Gordon Maury, 5031 V St. N.W., Washington, D.C.


Harold J. McCann, Tech. 5th Grade, Inf. Wounded on Corregidor May 6, 1942, reported to have died at Cabanatuan May 6, 1942. Please communicate any information to his mother, Mrs. J. J. McCann, 301 Madison St., Everett, Wash.


1st Lt. Arthur J. McMahon, Engineers’ Corp. Missing in action since May 6, 1942. Was a resident in the Philippines when war broke out. Enlisted on Jan. 27, 1942. Sister would like to hear from any of the boys who knew him during the fighting, or afterwards in the prison camps. (Miss) Hazel McMahon, 4550 Malden Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Sgt. Norman L. Nelson. Died Cabanatuan prison camp June 10, 1942. We would be grateful to any of his buddies who write us. Mother: Mrs. Lena Nelson, 3314 Third Ave. North, Great Falls, Montana.


Colonel Hamilton Folts Searight, F.A., commanding 31st Filipino F.A. Reported to have died on March of Death, April 14, 1942. Eye witness details as to his manner of death or any other information will be greatly appreciated by his brother, Dan F. Searight, Walter Tips Company, Box 55, Austin, Texas.


Sgt. Paul Dennis Shea, 17th Persuit Sqd., Nichols Field. Lost in sinking of prison ship in October, 1944. His mother would like to correspond with some boy who might have known him and could tell her something about him. Mrs. Walter Dunn, 1706 W. Columbia Ave., Battle Creek, Mich.


Pvt. Arthur Siegle, 680th Ordnance Co. Reported to have died in prison camp July 31, 1942, at Cabanatuan as a result of malaria. I am sure he had some buddies to return. I will deeply appreciate hearing from them. Mother: Mrs. Christine Siegle, Fairfield, Montana.


Private Henry M. Tarsa, Co. F, 31st Inf. Reported to have died of dysentery, May 15, 1942, at Camp O’Donnell. Mother is anxious to hear from anyone who knew her son. Mrs. Victoria Grycel, 2104 S. Harding Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Samuel Thompson. Believed to have been in the Air Corps stationed in Manila. Detroit Bataan Club is seeking information for his mother. Please write to Jean S. Howard, 3321 Vicksburg, Detroit, Mich.


Pvt. Walter O. Turner, Battery B, 60th C.A.(AA), Ft. Mills, P.I. Reported killed Dec. 19, 1941. No other information known. Mother and sister anxious for any news. Write Mrs. H. R. Skinner, 315 Raleigh St., Orlando, Fla.