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Confirming the Permanent Dedication of Bataan Park Located at Lomas and Tulane, NE to the New Mexican Prisoners of War and the Missing in Action who Served During WWII (E. Griego)


Confirming The Permanent Dedication Of Bataan Memorial Park Located At The Intersection Of Lomas Boulevard And Tulane Drive, N.E. To The New Mexican Prisoners Of War And The Missing In Action Who Served With The 200th And 515th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiments In The Philippines During WWII.


WHEREAS, Bataan Memorial Park at the Northeast corner of Tulane Avenue and Lomas Boulevard in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was originally dedicated on March 2, 1943 to the Brave men of the 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) of the New Mexico Army National Guard by the Albuquerque City Commission; and

WHEREAS, Bataan Memorial Park has stood for 59 years as a Living Monument to the brave deeds of the 200th Coast Artillery and the unit formed from its ranks, the 515th Coast Artillery, who saw action defending the Philippines at the start of World War II and who held off two Japanese armies for over 4 months with antiquated weapons to buy time with their lives so that American forces could regroup in the South Pacific and fight on to eventual victory; and

WHEREAS, Bataan Memorial Park was one of the first monuments in the world dedicated to military units that fought at Bataan; and

WHEREAS, Bataan Memorial Park, owing to its historic significance, was added to the State Register of Cultural Properties by the Historic Preservation Division of the State of New Mexico on July 16, 1999; and

WHEREAS, the 200th and 515th Coast Artillery Regiments were among the most decorated units in World War II; and

WHEREAS, members of the 200th and 515th Coast Artillery endured being surrendered 60 years ago on Bataan on April 9, 1942 or on the island of Corregidor on May 6, 1942, and also endured the Bataan Death March, internment in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps, transport in the holds of deadly hell ships where they were torpedoed by friendly fire, and endured over three years of forced labor in places like Manchuria, Korea, and Japan; and

WHEREAS, the State of New Mexico had more prisoners of war per capita and lost more men per capita than any other state in the United States during World War II so that no family in the State of New Mexico was not touched in some way by the events surrounding the defense of the Philippines; and

WHEREAS, a memorial to Bataan Veterans was placed in Bataan Memorial Park in May, 1960 by the Bataan Club, composed of wives and close relatives of Bataan Veterans; and





WHEREAS, the City of Albuquerque, in humble tribute to the brave men and heroic deeds of the 200th and 515th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) of the New Mexico Army National Guard formally dedicated a new memorial to these men on April 7, 2002 with their names engraved in granite for all time.




Section 1. That the intent of the original dedication of Bataan Memorial Park be reaffirmed, that the elm trees planted in Bataan Memorial Park shall be given official memorial status, that the built memorials in Bataan Memorial Park shall forever remain in the Park, and that the memorial trees and built memorials shall be preserved and protected for all time.


Section 2. That Bataan Memorial Park shall forever remain a place to contemplate the heroism of our brave citizen soldiers; the ready willingness of our citizenry to go into combat to defend our rights and freedoms; the terrible price these men paid for the freedoms and liberty we have enjoyed these last 60 years; the capacity of humans to endure with fortitude and hope under the greatest of duress, and finally; of the inhumanity of war.


Passed 9 to 0 - April 15, 2002