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Thank you for visiting my web-page at Angelfire.PLEASE READ ON, THIS IS A CALL TO ALL OFF-ROAD USERS: The "ENVIRONMENTAL EXTREMISTS" are out to close ALL public land that YOU ride/drive on. Please let your voice be heard. Join The BLUERIBBON COALITION. They Belive in "Preserving Our Natural Resources FOR The Public Instead of From The Public" Join a Off-Road club. Join American Motorcycle Association. Fight for your Right to use Public Lands RESPONSIBLY. THANK YOU... This page will list places to ride in the south western United States mostly New Mexico Southern Colorado and Utah: GREAT PLACES TO RIDE: There are two ATV JAMBOREES in the southwest one in June in the town of Fillmore Utah. The weather is a little HOT and it gets dusty.Over all it's a good time.The other Jamboree is in Richfield Utah. This Jamboree is about twice as big. I here it is better . ??? They both use Utahs Piaute ATV trail system. 1)The town of Red River, N.M. has 3 lakes to ride to and several old mines. 2)Silverton, Colorado. a Great,old mining town.A true old western town. The trails are just outside of town and they are awesome. You can see old buildings from the mining days. Make sure your jetting is set right.You can get around 12,000 feet elev. 3)Purgatory, Colorado. The forest behind the Purgatory ski resort have old fire roads you can ride on, be sure to stay on the exsisting roads. They are easy roads. There is a campground a ways back.It's a good weekend outing and Durango is close by. 4)Jemez Springs, N.M. Is another fun weekend outing. In the Santa Fe National Forest is a small lake. Fenton Lake offers fishing, lakeside camping and some forest roads to explore. Your ATV must be licenced to ride in the N.F. 5)Gila, National Forest N.M. Check out Snow Lake. Camping,fishing,exploring. 6)Moab,UT The MOTHER of 4-Wheeling,ATV'n and now mountain bikes. There is alot of 'slick rock', waycool riding. It's best for 4 wheel drive atvs. Sports will do ok on most trails. There is alot to see here . If ya have a Jeep this place is for you. 7)Piaute ATV trail,Fillmore/Richfild,UT. ,sites of the ATV jamborees. These are alot of fun for the whole family. They last about a week. These towns open their streets to ATVs, just obey the laws. Check them out under my cool sites listing. 8)Mescalero Sands, BLM. Roswell, N.M. Small sanddunes fun for a day or two. The local riders say Sunday is the day to be there. Warning it gets HOT in the summer. 9)Coral Pink Sanddunes State Park. Kanab, Utah. A GREAT place to explore. The dunes are great.There is a campground right there.Highly recommend this place. If you know of any good places to ride in the southwest, please e-mail me. ****************************************************** We support: The Tread Lightly program. Started by the US Forest Service in 1986. The organization's message is to use public and private lands responsibly. The Stupid Hurts program by Honda Motorcycle teaches safe riding because being stupid hurts. No helmet, Stupid! Letting children ride double or ride an ATV that's too big for them, Stupid! Drinking and driving an ATV or anything, STUPID! Ride Smart, it's more fun. For more information on this program call 1 800 905 5565.. REMEMBER TO RESPECT THE LAND YOU RIDE ON . PUBLIC LAND OR PRIVATE . *HAPPY NEW YEAR*.....ROCK ON!

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