When I wrote Stuck, I had no idea it would grow into an entire series.  It was supposed to be one story that would help me cope with season 5 and the inevitable D/J reunion.  Then that one story got a sequel, then that one too got a sequel and in the meantime I've just finished part 5...phew!  We still got a long way to go!

Why the French title for this series?  Don't know.  I heard the song "Reviens" by Herve Villard on the radio one day and the lyrics were so perfect for Pacey and Joey in season 5.  Especially the lines
'We will live hand in hand, it's written on the walls of life' (les murs de la vie)
And since Pacey and Joey have always had a thing with walls... :-)
Maybe one day I'll put the whole song up here.  If someone could get me the lyrics...pleeeasee!

This series is dedicated to all the people at Project Nookie
You all rock something awesome!

The fucked up spoilers for season 5 forced me to write this and I wrote it in a matter of hours.  This is my attempt to come to terms with the inevitable D/J reunion.  I have to face it.  I have to deal.  Writing this story is how I did it.  God help me, but I even tried not to let my passionate hatred of Dawson seep through and be fair to him.
Warnings?  Spoilers and D/Jness of the 5th season kind.

Sequel to Stuck
Another story that I can blame on my friend Lisa.  Even though she can't stand DC (at least she's got taste) and we usually agree on most things, we don't agree on martyrs.  They piss me off.  Pacey pissed me off when he decided what was best for him and Joey. 
Warnings?  More spoilers for season 5.

And here's part 3 of this ongoing saga,  Sequel to Stuck and Martyr
Though we haven't even met Joey's new roommate Audrey yet,  I loved writing her.  All I know from spoilers is that she's blond, rich and has an attuditude.  So that's how I wrote her.
Warnings?  More spoilers for season 5.

Nooooo!  Don't run, there's no P/Jen here I swear.  No D/Jen either.  OK, so there's some P/Mel.  I like her, sue me.  Of course I haven't even seen her, but my version of Mel kicks ass.  Even if she has slight Mary Sue qualities.  (What?  You think I want to wake up in Pacey's arms too?  Whatever gave you that idea? J)
Warnings?  More spoilers for season 5.


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