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Metal Gear Solid-Broadcasting Straight out of Scottsdale, AZ

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Metal Gear Solid
-The Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid has been hailed by game reviewers as the best game ever. Various magazines have given Metal Gear perfect, or almost perfect scores. Metal Gear started out on the regular NES, and it was re-introduced on the playstation platform system. Metal Gear Solid is made by Konami, and Metal Gear Solid can be considered the best of the action/adventure video game genre's. Metal Gear Solid, is portrayed on my site: Welcome to Metal Gear Solid.

Last updated: 7/11/00

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My new email is and i'm too lazy to go through every link changing it, I only changed it on the main site. Also, Sons of Liberty will be for the PS2 as well as the Gamecube, in case you don't know. The gamecube is Nintendo's next system.

2001 Ode to Metal Gear
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