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Ara's Ranma 1/2 Page!

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Well, I may as well explain the plot line to you. It's really very simple!

First there's this guy, Ranma Sautome of the Saoautome school of anything-goes martial arts.
He's training to be a martial artist with his dad, Genma.
So his dad drags him off to these famous Chinese training grounds, called Jusenkyo.
But since Genma can't read Chinese, they both end up falling into the springs that dot the ground.
Opps. Jusenkyo is haunted by these springs, they're all cursed!
When ever someone falls into one,
they become cursed to change forms into what ever drowned there hundreds of years ago.
So now Genma becomes a Giant Panda and Ranma... well, he becomes a she!
So Ranma returns to Japan, where he learns that he's already engaged, to his father's friend's daughter, Akane
(Who says she hates boys, thus her sisters figured she should marry Ranma because, "After all, he's not really a boy anyways")
But not long after that Ryouga shows up, wanting his revenge.
He fell into a spring too, and now becomes a little black pig.
Akane finds him as a pig and takes him as her pet, naming him "P-Chan"
There's other fiancees as well;
Ukyou, the spatula-weilding Okonomiyaki chef
Shampoo, the Amazon who puts Xena to shame.
Ranma 1/2is a lot of crazy martial arts action, and is DEFENITLY one of, if not the, best!


Well, I'm against Ranma 1/2 hentai!