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Hello, and welcome to the Pink Stars Adoption Agency! Here at Pink Stars we have tons and tons of little anime charas that need good homes. Requirments?

- You must treat your adopted character nicely and take care of it ^_^

- You should have a webpage to post your adoptee up on, but it's not nessesary.

- If you do post your anime character up on your webpage, you must like page to this site! ( )

You may adopt as many charas as you want. To the left is the menu. Click the name of the anime series the character you want is from and you'll find the copy/paste HTML code. Thanks!

[ This site is under some construction, so if the character you want is not here ( provided that the series they come from is here ) it may be because I have not created an image for that character yet. However, once the site is up and running, if the character you want is not here, please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks for visiting! ]

My Current Mood is: The current mood of Z-chan at // Chibi SSJ Vegeta is SO kawaii! I adopted Chibi SSJ Vegeta