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The Rogue Pokémon Trainer's League
Notice: The RPTL has been disbanded. But I still like the picture and stuff, so I'm leaving this page up.

Download the font used on this page, Bank Gothic

The Rogue Pokemon Trainer's League rules!

1) Pokécops don't like weapons, use only Pokémon in fair fights when they're around.
2) We do not have different ranks, just tasks that are assigned to the rogues depending on their strong points. Specifically, Assassinators, Recruiters, Scouters, and temporarily assigned Attackers during raids, but everyone is an equal and we are here to serve eachother. The CO's job is simply to keep everyone in check and set rules. I also supervise projects and cut out the members who don't perform as well to keep our numbers somewhat small, exclusive, and manageable. Any larger than 20 and we must begin creating divisions.
3) Team Rocket is the mortal enemy. Destroy at all costs. Remember not to mode, they get pissed, and we don't want that...
4) We are there to help legitimate trainers, the good guys. Do whatever you can to aid and assist them and their Pokémon.
5) Your dice will start at 2d20,100HP, and 50EXP for joining unless you have higher dice from being in a different guild. Pokémon, same thing but 2d25. If you have more than one Pokémon, all of their stats will always be identical. If one goes up, it affects all of them. Use your highest Pokémon's stats.
6) 100EXP. is required to gain a level. A level is four sides to your dice and 10 added HP. After exceeding 2d99, goto 3d20 and continue. Then 4d20, 5d20, and so on. Pokémon same.
7) If you win a battle, you get 50EXP. If you lose a battle, you are granted 20EXP. anyway. Pokémon same.
8) Post your current stats in your AOL Member Profile to keep track in the Personal Quote section as follows or similar:

Dice: 2d20 HP: 100 EXP: 50

Update it as soon as possible after each duel.
9) Occasionally you will be required to go kill someone. Usually a TR member. Use your weapon, your Pokémon, stun 'em, kill 'em, do whatever. Just make sure it's clean and quick. Use AA's. You will be awarded a predetermined amount of EXP. if successful.
10) Strike anyone in the guild outside from a guild spar and you're back at 2d20 and expelled, no questions asked.
11) You may use any weapons and any Pokémon you own. You need at least one Pokémon at all times. Choose the weapons wisely, as they MUST be hand sized and not over 3 different kinds. Shields are permitted as an extra item.
12) You MUST attend the guild meetings unless you have a legitimate reason given to me in advance. If you fail to come to the meetings, you will lose a level from your dice, HP, and EXP.
13) Lastly, do not hesitate to perform daring acrobatic moves in and out of battle. For instance, instead of ::dodge::, use ::dodges and rolls behind and kicks off wall, slicing with sword::. Trust me, it works as long as you roll for it. You gain a little more respect and some oohs and aahs, even though it takes a little longer to type. Showing off your weapon (subtly) works, too. One of the least important rules, but it makes you look good :-)

It is an honor to be included in this guild as it means you perform above most others in your class. Have fun with it. You're no longer just a Trainer, you're a Rogue Trainer. To help us out a little, say "Rogue Trainer" in rooms as your title like "::Rogue Trainer walks in::", that way, all rogues will be alerted to you and defend you if you need it. Good luck.

Well, I havn't asked the GC if this page could be a good thing, so I don't have much to write! So.. I'll put in the description of our ship, The Midnight Falcon:

The above image is a freehand drawing of the Midninght Falcon, our Repulsordriven Airbase. With the help of RoGuePokE and physical descriptions, I was able to throw this together. You may not be able to read the print at the bottom of the paper, but by resizing it and downloading the image it is possible; I have attached the full-size copy.
The Midnight Falcon is a five-sector aerial command base. Each sector consists of exactly ten stories, setting the main sphere to a record-setting fifty-stories high. They will be explained later. As you can see, there are three pylons surrounding the craft that rotate counter-clocwise (as seen from above) at a constant 10kph around the sphere. These generate the surrounding plasma shield and can be angled to strengthen it in certain areas, capable of doubling the lower hemisphere completely by depleting the upper hemisphere.
In between adjacent pylons are three saucer-shaped appendages. These repulsordrives push off any opposing gravity source and thus can not be used for space travel. They also rotate with the pylons and aid in steering and propelling the craft.
The bridge, a disc-shaped protrusion at the top of the sphere, is the command center of the ship, where the main crew resides and maintain the ship tragectory and functions. The bridge also rotates at a steady counter-clockwise 10kph, in perfect synchronization with the shild pylons.
At the base chord of the Falcon, below sector one, is a seemingly empty chord. This area is literally lined with ATS batteries along the entire surface, consisting of ion and plasma cannons for ground assault. This craft has no built-in aerial defense systems whatsoever, so ATA fighters must be deployed to take on assaulting fighters.
On level one, there are several launch facilities for the Deltafighters (ATA combat jets) and ATS-STA Shuttles. Included among these floors is also a microconstruction facility for internal repairs to the ATS array and several external probes that orbit the craft's shield.
Level two is the cargo bay, an immense multi-tiered room that stores the supplies needed for the guild, and any other cargo. On the same level are the Stables, where the Ponytas and Rapidashes are kept and raised. Despite the name, several other Pokémon are housed here as well.
Level three consists of several Pokémon training, guild training, and recreational floors, including a multi-purpose batle arena for several activities such as Nerf, Lasertron, and Capture the Flag.
Level four is the guild quarters, several fully furnished rooms designed for permanent living. Some guild members already live in these and there is plenty of room to spare. Remember, ten floors and lots of horizontal space is nothing to sneeze at... Especially if every single one of them has sattelite TV and a free movie channel.
Level five houses the several engineering and maintnance floors, including the bridge and observation deck. All the ships primary functions are controlled within this level.
Maintbots constantly hold up the ship and keep it in perfect shape, despite RoGuePokE's constant attepmts to work the consoles. That is everything you need to know about the Falcon and everything there is. This permanent aerial base will serve us very well in battles to come.
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