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Kenshin Vocabulary






Kenshin's creator! (Should Ken-san call him dad?)

The sword is a lethal weapon,
the sword skill is the skill of killing,
no matter how beautiful the words you use to call it,
killing is still the fact.

I apologize, but almost all the Character Page links are dead, I'm in the process of writing them all up! Just look how many there are and you'll understand...
What's working are all of the Kenshin-gumi, Aoshi, Misao and Shishio.

Well, looks like I've got to explain the title of this page too ::sigh::: I should be less witty.... Okay! Yahiko named Kenshin and the gang the Kenshin-gumi! It really isn't that complex! It was in the first Megumi episode, and you get that cute "I'm part of the Kenshin-gumi too!" then he almost dies.... I cried. BTW, that's not a frame over there, I just had fun with tables ^_^
So, anyways, Rurouni Kenshin! One of the greatest series! It's currently being dubbed/subtitled by Anime Works, the same kind people who brought us "FAKE", "Rayearth" and tried to kill us with "Jungle de Ikou". I saw it raw awhile ago, and totally recommend you all watch it now, in the Tokyo chapter, and stick around for the Kyoto chapter when it comes out.
There are 95 episodes of Kenshin, an a couple of OAVs. Oh!! And the dub is being released as "Samurai X" along with all the OAVs. But as a warning, the OAV that's out now takes place in the Bakamatsu so there's plently of violence ((But you DO get to learn where he got the scars! I wanna see! I wanna know more!))
Here I've got character pages for everybody important through the end of the Kyoto chapter. I'll eventually have pictures for all of them as well. I've tried to be pretty complete! Now I'll attempt to explain the storyline:

Rurouni Kenshin begins with a wanderer entering Tokyo. He soons finds himself in the middle of a fight with a 17-year old kenjutsu instructor accusing him of several murders. Soon the police show up and try to apprehend Kenshin as well. But he helps find the real murderer and pow! Kenshin's fight with the real murderer attracts several new students to Kaoru's Dojo, but they all leave when they learn Kensin won't be teaching... All but one; Yahiko, a former pickpocket, stays. He is the son of a Tokyo samurai (He states it plenty for us!) So Karou gets.... one student. ((Too bad he calls her a hag...))
Soon, another challange for Kenshin shows up, the streetfighter Zanza, a servivor from the Sekihoutai (I cried again) Kenshin takes the challange and wins (He cuts the Zanbatou in half!). So Kenshin gains another "weird companion" as Sano declares that he wants to see if Kenshin is diffrent from the other IshinShiShi with his own eyes.
Soon after Sano joins Kenshin, the police chief returns to the Dojo to ask Kenshin for help. He needs our dear Hitokiri to stop a serial murderer, "Korugasa". Really named Jinei, he's one of Kenshin's most important opponents. There's two reasons for this: the first is a spolier, so I won't tell! The second is what he tells Ken-san, "I'll be watching from the edge of hell to see how long you stay a wanderer that dosn't kill." Those words haunt Ken-san till the end of Kyoto.
Jinei handled, Sano drags Kenshin out for a little gambling, where they learn one of Sano's friends died from an opium OD. But berfore you can say, "4,5 Cho!" a mysterious women burst in, sees Ken-san's sword and begs for protection. Sano takes care of her first 2 chasers, but the third is one of the powerful Oniwabanshuu ninja, Beshimi. And with a cool tatami mat trick Kenshin stops his darts at which point Ken and Sano attack him at once, sending him flying and leaving a Beshimi shaped hole in the wall ^_^
But protecting the women, Megumi, is a bad move and gets the attention of Megumi's "employeer" Kanryuu, who needed her medical knowledge to make opium called "Spider's Web" ((If you havn't caught on, it was Megumi's Opium that killed Sano's friend)) so he has Aoshi, the Okashira of the Oniwabanshuu (Another one of Kanryuu's employees) recapture her, this time Beshimi along with Hyottoko and Hanya go to the dojo to try and recapture Megumi. Anyways, before I spoil the whole show, I'll skip this part
Megumi, not wanting anyone else to get hurt for her sake surrenders herself to Kanryuu, so it's up to Kenshin and Sano to rescue her. You get a cool Aoshi fight scene, and eventually Kanryuu brings out a gatling gun and ends the battle. But the police come, arrest Kanryuu for smuggling. But Aoshi dissappears. Kenshin tells the police chief Megumi is innocent, and she's left free.
In the Kyoto chapter Kenshin is called upon by the government to stop one of Kenshin's fellow Hitokiri, Shishio, who was so uthless, the government tried to kill him to keep him from overthrowing them later on. But he lived, burned to the point of having to constantly wear bandages. A government official asks Kenshin to help, but is killed by one of Shishio's followers who also warns Kenshin to stay away. So KEnshin takes off for Kyoto telling only Kaoru goodbye (in a very sad scene!) On the way he meets Misao, who becomes his traveling companion. Back home, Aoshi has reappeared. Well, you don't want me to spoil it all, now, do you? Let's just say that this series brings a new reverse-blade, several new companions, a new Oniwabanshuu and a million new villians (including a crossdresser that gives Nuriko a run for his money!)
After that storyline, we have a new story arc, where we learn of Kenshin's past, which of course centers around that mysterious scar...