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You Know You Watch Too Much Pokemon When....

I WILL catch them all!Like the new layout? There are a few entries added, as well! Have fun, and enjoy! 'Cause this is the way it's gonna look for awhile!
Many of these were suggested by people in the "Faroff Lands" Pokemon RPG! Some are by me, and you, yes you, can send me in suggestions for more! Just
E-Mail them to me!
Alright! I finally got some in my mail, they're right below mine! If you don't understand any, just ask me! I can explain all of them!
I may edit entries you send in, but just for spelling and such ^_^
Guest Entries By:
Macca(Mike),,, Dadulon, Robbie, Dev Jay, Mandy, Ty, Anthony, Derrick

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You've declared Filia from "Slayers Try" a new type of dragon pokemon

This background dosn't bother you in the least

You have more then 100 Pokemon figurines

You think Darwin was an idiot; humans don't evolve from Mankeys! Primeapes do!

When you watched "Tarzan" You kept an eye out for Mankeys

When that failed you looked for a Primeape or two! After all, gorillas *are* apes...

When Kerchak was shot you started yelling, "Super Potion! Use a Super Potion!"

You already know the new theme song by heart, and sing it in public without shame

You've discussed, comepletly seriously, the physics of a pokeball

You have plans to start a genetic engineering company to create pokemon

You've played a pokemon drinking game

You wrote your *own* pokemon drinking game ((Coming Soon!))

You have dreams about traveling with Ash and Misty

You watch Slayers subtitled, just to see if you can hear Lina make a noise like a Pikachu! (Megumi does the voice of Lina Inverse and Pikachu! Since they didn't change the name of Pikachu, they didn't change it's voice either. She's also Ranma-Chan and Atchtika in Tenchi-Muyo) ((BTW: At the end of Gourry's Slayers Try image song, "So in the World" She does. You hear this little "Pik..."))

You've declared Amelia your favorite Slayers character, because her voice actress in the dub does Ash's voice

You've declared Martina your favorite character because her voice actor in the dub does Misty's and Jesse's

You argued out loud with my couples page

You have a whole new appretiation for mimes

You understand why Kadabra and Alakazam have spoons

You're using this as a checklist

...of things to do

You've ever broken a GameBoy

You can no longer discuss evolution with a straight face

P-Chan... short for Pokemon of course!

You've considered swimming to Japan

...and you live in Idaho

For Halloween you were a Pokemon trainer and nobody realized you were in costume "Don't you have so much Pokemon stuff all the time?"

"The Time has Come" made you cry

"The Time has come" still makes you cry

You see an ad for "Knights of Ramune" on your "Slayers Next" video and can't help wondering if that red ball thing is a pokemon

You’ve ever seen a squirrel, and been confused because it wasn’t purple, and didn’t say “Rattata”

You were kicked out of Shop Class for maiming the teacher with a solid wood pokeball model.

You have ever been suspended for attempting to paint over the school mascot (an eagle) with a Pidgeot.

You bought a pet Chinchilla, mearly because it looks like a Pikachu... (hehe, um.. gee.. At least I havn’t bought one yet!)

You've attempted to cook with your eyes closed.

You successfully cooked with your eyes closed (I've walked around with my eyes closed!)

You have memorized over 10 episodes Japanese

You refuse to eat eggs because one might be a Togepy.

You forked over 500 dollars at the Zoo, then tried to capture the elephant screaming "It's one of those new Donfans! I gotta get it!"

You payed 50 dollars to go to the museum, but were dissapointed because you couldn't find a single Aerodactely or Kabutops fossil in the place.

You currently have on more then 3 items of clothing bearing Ash, Misty, Brock, or a pokemon.

Your engagement ring has a diamond in the shape of Chansey on it.

You deny it's a diamond, "What are you saying!?!?! That's a Moon Stone!"

After the Colombine incident, all you had to say was, "If they had just settled it with a nice pokemon battle"

Your parents can no longer park in the garage, you converted it into a pokemon gym just like Brock's!

Your parents can no longer use the pool, you converted it into a gym just like Misty's!

Your parents can no longer use the garden, you converted... well, you get the idea! (If you didn't catch on, this was gonna lead up to a gym like Erika's)

You learned to read Japanese, because you finished all the english mangas (comics for those not anime-savy)and needed to get your fix.

You learned to make riceballs by throwing them into the air and tossing the plum after it...

From: Macca(Mike)
1.You See A Buffolo And Claim Its A Tauros.
2.You Tell A Plant To do Solar Beam On That Other Plant Couas Its Useing Petal Dance On It.
3.You Claim Your Frinds Cat Is Meowth.
4.You Gule A Charm On Your Frind's Cat's Head.
5.You Sit Up At Night And Wonder Why GoldDuck Is Called GoldDuck Wen Its Not Gold.
6.You Buy Eggs And Say"I Bought An Eggsacute".
7.You Wonder If The Egg Your Bro's Eating Is Relly Togape.
8.Wonder Why Sabrena Has A Doll that Look Like She Did When She Was A Kid
9.You Wonder How Brock Got That Many Bro-s And Sis-es.
10.If You Know Evrey Way That The Nurse Joys?
11.same as 10 olny with Officer Jennys?
12.You Won't Let your Famly eat claim Chowder Since Sheelder May Be In It. Wonder Why Licka-toung Never Learns Lick?
14. You Sit Down and Wonder Why Dose Wezzing Wezz is There Some Thing in his throt?
15.You Wonder Why The Dragonite Bill Sees Is So Big?


When you can sing the new Pokemon theme song in Pig Latin
When your mom runs around the house screaming JigglyPuff...Jigglypuff all day
When you say-I gotta catch that one and hurl your plastic Pokeball at the flowers and say you caught Venesuar
You have turned your room into a shrine for Pokemon
Your answers to everything on your homework is one of the many Pokemon in the world.


you are confused about all these stange animals runing around and wonder where all the pokemon are

you refuse to go to school saying *but Satoshi doesn't have to!* [Editor's Note: Just in case you don't know, that's Ash's original name]

you know all the name of the pokemon and characters on the show in japanese

you have all the episodes on tape

you have invested in the 4 kids stock *they are the ones who make the videos*

you have as much pokemon stuff as i do...he he

you have talked to me online, my aol screen name is pikapal105

you have spent over 500$ on pokemon stuff

you spend the entire day on the computer looking at pokemon sites and playing pokemon games

if you know who Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi are and you're not japanese and haven't been to japan

all you see is pokemon when you walk into the pet store

you start calling the vet doctor person nurse joy

your wardrobe consists soley of pokemon garmemts

you want to be all the pokemon this halloween and insist on being a pikachu then changing so on until you have been all the pokemon on that single night

you dream about pokemon every night

you have your own page and you are also giving feedback for other people's pages

you only know html and how to use the computer type ect because you had to get on to find pokemon sites and then make your own

you printed this page out

your pokemon folder is the largest file on the computer

you're laughing so hard you can't breath, if your not...there is something wrong with you...hmmm

you draw pokemon all day

you write your own pokemon stories

you sit all day wondering why they say Pikachu is an electric MOUSE!

you sing the pokemon songs constantly and quote the caracters japanese

you swear to your parents that you will be the best pokemon master

you hear the pokemon talking to you...*voices*

you evolve into a Purin....since there is no evolution before Purin...Purin means Jigglypuff by the way ((Sadly.. there is now in Gold/Silver))

you speak the pokemon language

you argue with your teacher that you will be the best pokemon trainer and that you need to catch their pikachu *an actual pet mouse* to acieve this

you throw your pokeball and a pokemon really does come out!

you're afriad to go into the forest because you don't want the wild pokemon to get you

if you dress like Ash even though you're a girl

if you dress like any of the pokemon characters

From: Dadulon

You attack your dad for using your Caterpie as fishing bait.

You ask your dad if he caught any fish with a horn.

You don't play pool for fear of the red balls exploding.

You wonder why the ducks *you* see don't have arms.

Your biology teacher gives you a detention for claiming ducks have arms.

You look in clumps of grass and vines for eyes.

You attempt to glue mushrooms to your crab.

You command your Jell-O to use Transform.

You shout into the night as you see small things flying around, "Supersonic now!"

You attempt to speak to your dog saying "Growww! Lithe? Grooooow!"

No matter how hard you try, your Parekeet just won't learn "Razor Wind".

You spend every waking moment wondering why the longest Pokčmon, a 30 foot rock snake, ISN'T THE HEAVIEST TOO!!!! (who'd do a thing like that?)

From: Robbie Johnson/Kyle Kelvina/Sailor Centauri

You tell your pet rabbit to use Horn Attack.

You try and earn money, and tell your cat to "Use Pay Day!"

You get a pink balloon, paint blue eyes on it, paint arms, and tell it to sing.

You kind a crab on the beach and tell it to do Vise Grip.

You put a skull helmet on your dog and give it a bone, and call it a Marowak.

You find an egg, and try to make it hatch into Togepi.

You see a red haired girl in the gym, and try and win the Cascade Badge from her.

You move to Australia in hopes of finding a Kanghaskan.

You go into your mom's garden, and jump at any bulb you see, in hopes of it being a Bulbasaur.

You set your class' lizard's tail on fire.

You see a butterfly, chase it around, and cry "Come back, Butterfree! Ash misses you!"

You are afraid of bees because they might do a Twineedle Attack.

You see a bird, and run because you're afraid it's a Spearow and that it'll try and kill you and your Pikachu.

You see a horse and set it on fire, then try and evolve it into Rapidash.


From: Dev Jay

You see pink yougurt and call it clefairy poop.

you're afraid of rats because they might super fang your starmie.

You throw plastic pokeballs at your little brother pretending he's a weedle or caterpie.

Ash is your hero.

The day before youre eleventh birthday, you tell youre mom you need a pokemon to start youre pokemon journey the next day.

You try having a pokemon battle with the school bully, pretending he is youre rival, but instead he beats you up.

You're reading this.


From: Mandy/Kitt

You try to teach your pet turtle Bubble.

You collect all the Pokémon stuff you can find

You sit in tall grass all day and night, waiting for one to appear.

You argue with your teacher about that a "hawk" is really a "Fearow".

You paint a mouse yellow with red cheeks and claim it's a baby Pikachu.


From: Ty

You find yourself trying to store your pets in the computer.

You CAN store your pets in a computer.

You walk around with your eyes closed, and wonder how Brock makes it look so easy.

You go to gym class, and wonder where the gym leaders are.

You actually find a gym leader in your gym class.

You take up playing the flute, just in case one of your Pokémon fall asleep.

You go to the 711 and ask for three potions, a awaken, and six Pokéballs.

You get above items, when asked for.

You named you pets/kids/friends/self after any of the 151 Pokémon.

Your thinking of moving to Pallet

You DO move to Pallet.

You know the words to the Japanese Pokémon theme song

You know the lyrics to any of the Japanese Pokémon songs

You know the names of the Japanese Pokémon AND what they mean.

You think Sailor moon would be better, if Meowth took Luna's place.


From: Anthony/Pidgeotto_2004/Prince-Jupiter

When you feel you should ask misty out.

When you think the duck in the park is a Farfetch'd and you tell it to do a PECK attack on the other duck you claim is Psyduck.

you find a rock,draw a moon on it and then hold it to the T.V while watching pokemon and a clafairy is fighting.

You through poke balls at the Ghost you claim are in your house.

You tell your snake to evolve and spit Poison Spikes.

you start telling Marshmallows to sing like Jiggleypuff.

you claim the mud out back will come in and clog your sinks.

You tell a Mantis to do a blade spin.

You tell your goldfish to evolve into a Seaking.

you claim you seen a blue crab at the beach and that it was a Omastar.

when you see a armadillo and tell it to do a sand slash.

When your cat starts wearing a charm on its head and being snobby to you.

when you start to tell rocks to Punch and fly.

when you tell sea stars to do a water gun.

When you tell a Carp to transform into Gyarados and to do dragon rage.

You try to get your Parrot to do a Gust attack.

You Tell your dog to blow flames.

You tell the duck in the park to do a confusion attack.