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Well..... it looks better. I din't write anything new. I just put in that picture of Zelgadiss and a few little "Weiss Kreuz" animations. It'll be improved soon!

"Slayers" is one of my faaaavorite animes! "Slayers Next" is almost everybody's favorite, and easily avalible wherever you buy anime! A tape of Slayers is usually about $20. But starting in May, you will be able to find the next (and my fave!) series "Slayers Try" which finds Lina and Gourry in Seiloon as Ameria and her father prepare to send off a mission into the outside world (Why? watch all of Next and you'll find out!) I'd rate it as ages 11+, but for more sensitive kids, I'd recommend Parental guidence for that last few volumes of "Next" they get pretty bloody!


Lina Inverse
The main character! She's a bad-tempered fire ball slinging sorceress who is *quite* sensitive about her chest and height... and remember those fire balls I mentioned earlier? So watch out! Never try and steal her food either... She's (of course!) in every series, and has to save the world in every series! But tends to get sidetracked at the oppertunity for cash or food... ::sweatdrop::

Gourry Gabriev
He's Lina's sidekick prety much. He also has the Sword of light! Keep that in mind, it becomes VERY important in "Try". He also eats as much as Lina, but typically looses out in the fight for that meal. He's pretty much a stupid swordsman who likes making "flat" jokes...

Zelgadiss Greywords
The serious one in the group, Zel is a chimera. He WAS a human, and Rezo's Grandson/Great Grandson. But he wanted more power and welll... got it He's been trying to change back since. Since he's 1/3 golem no normal weapon can really hurt him. since he's 1/3 mazoku (deamon) he's got STRONG magic and some evil tendancies... the last 1/3 (human) makes him smart! He's also a really good swordsman!

Ameria Wil Tesa Sallune
Justice! Ameria is the princess of the holy kingdom of Seiloon (I'm spelling the country like it is on the little map that they show sometimes, and her name like most spell it, not sure why!) She has strong magic, and even a few original spells (Like Vistatvrak). She seems obnoxious at first, but she really does grow on you to the point where you cry at a certain seen in the 2nd to last volume of Next, and then a certain scene int the last tape ::cough::

Xellos, the Trickster Priest
Odgama! Baka! Freak Cockroach! ::drags Filia out of room:: Okay, Xellos is a monster. And quite enjoys messing with minds! He's constantly saying "Sore wa, himitsu desu" or "That's a secret!"

Filia Ul Copt, the Golden Dragon! She's sooooo cool! She shows up in Try to hire Lina and Co. to save the world from Darkstar. She also *loves* tea! But I'm getting lazy, so I'll have to finish these later!

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