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There's Something About Ara…

Spill it...Real Name~ Sure as heck isn't Ara! If you want to know look around, I think I mentioned it somewhere…

Sex~ VERY female! Couldn't you tell from my "Fang Boys" page?

Age~ Teenage, what does it honestly matter?

What's Ara then?~ I actually looked up the name once! It's an Arabian name meaning "Opinionated". Perfect for my page! I made it up, actually, for the main character in my novels originally, so she's become my on-line persona. E-Mail and ask me, and I'll send you an exerpt.

Why Pokemon? Honestly!~ Well, I don't just watch Pokemon! I love almost all anime! From "Galaxy Express" straight to "Fushigi Yuugi" and everything in between. A few don't appeal to me, but I'll at least give them a try. I found "Akira" mildly interesting, but the plot was swoosh! Right over my head! I heard you have to of read the manga to understand it at all.

Do you actually HAVE a life?~ Yes! I write for the school newspaper, and like I mentioned I'm working on a novel. I also help train dogs to show and hunt, German Shorthaired Pointers. I roleplay a lot, and play all kinds of video games as well. I enjoy reading too!

You can read, eh? So what are some of your favorite books?~ David Eddings! The "Belgariad" and "Mallorean" are *GREAT* I also recommend Allen Cole's "Timura Trilogy" Pier's Anthony's Xanth are classic, but I like the "Apprentice Adept" and "Blue Adept" much better. And Harry Potter is wonderful! And Tolkien is always wonderful ^^

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