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Gundam Wing

Ara's Endless Waltz


Alright, first things first! Is it just me, or does Zechs oddly resemble Nakago (the jerk from Fushigi Yuugi)? Anywho! Back to introducing this page! Mobile Suit Gundam originally began in 1979 and was one of the first big mecha-fuled animes. it really set the basis for all others: Evangelion ((a classic)), Patlabor ((A really good movie if you ever catch it)), Gigantor (Don't ask, an old "classic" nobody's heard of...)), Macross ((a.k.a "Robotech")), even "Power Rangers" couldn't have happened without Kazuhisa Kondo's original mobile suits. Of course, this is a page on Gundam *Wing* a diffrent series that takes place A.C. (after colonies) 195; years after young Amuro Rey fought the Duchy of Zeon in the first series.

While Gundanium suits arn't exactly common place, they arn't just prototypes anymore either. And to keep peace 5 young guys are recruited by the space colonies (1 per colony) to save us all. Of course, "messed up childhood" was one of the criteria that choose Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Raberba Winner and Chang Wufei as the 5 who would save, not only the world, but those who had moved into space as well.



Heero Heero Yuy
Pilot of Wing Gundam, Gundam Wing 0, Custom Wing Zero, and OZ Mercurius

Mister suicidal XD He's cold, tempermental and enjoys blowing things up. Even himself. The "perfect soldier" he cares nothing for his own life, just for accomplishing his mission. His seiyuu is Midorikawa Hikaru (other roles of his include Tamahome of Fushugu Yuugi fame and Slayer's Zelgadiss ~.^ he's a cool seiyuu!)

Duo Maxwell
Pilot Of Gundam Deathscythe, Gundam Deathscythe Hell, and Custom Deathscythe Hell
Voiced By Seki Toshihiko, he's the super-happy god of death! Carrying out his role as "Shinigami" Duo trys his hardest to damn well kill everybody himself, and smiles the whole way ^_^ He's a total smart-ass and quite proud of the fact.


Trowa Barton
Pilot of Gundam Heavyarms, Custom Heavyarms, and OZ Vayate
If he and Heero decided to see who was quiter, the two would never speak again ~.~;; He's really a fairly boring guy, and the world's mst disspassionate clown. He's very analytical and usually tries to inflitrate enemy forces to try and cut them down. He has no memory of his past, and the name "Trowa Barton" isn't even his. He stole it from a dead guy. But that's a spoiler so I'll shush up ^^ Anyways, so he spent his childhood in mercenary groups known only as "No-Name". If that isn't bad enough, the theory amoung fanfickers is that he could have been raped by men during that time... hummm... I have to admit a few of my friends in those circles have me pretty convinced...

Quarte Raberba Winner
Pilot of Gundam Sandrock, Custom Sandrock
A pascifist who *tries* to get the bad guys to surrender, just when they refuse he blown them to smithereens! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! ::cough:: He has next to no self-esteem, beliving himself to be nothing but a meaningless clone, he fights to try and gain peace, and protect those he loves ((Trowa.. ::cough, cough::)) He's my favorite!! Let's see... as the world's only blond-haired, blue-eyed Arab, he's extremly rich, and has a horrible relationship with his father. He's voiced by Orikasa Ai ((The girl who did the voice for Tenchi Muyou's Ryoko))

Chang Wufei
Pilot of Gundam Shenlong, Gundam Altlong, and Custom Altlong
Anti-social...anti-social... really! That's about the only way to describe this pompus asshole of a Gundam pilot! He's mister strong silent type just with less appeal then most. He has a strong sense of "honor. "Honor" and "justice" that he... ::growl:: ::cough:: I'm about to blow his whole Episode Zero story in this little rant that's been building up, so if you don't want that, click HERE to go back to the main page and not have it spoiled.....


Okay! You took my warning, and don't mind... he *stole* that justice fighting spirit from his wife!! ROAR!! She was so cool, and he didn't even belive in her values to fight towards justice... he didn't belive her till she was *dead!! Ghaaaa!!!!


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