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The Games

You’ve watched the show, you can talk just like Ash, Mistey AND Brock, you consider Pikachu a personal friend, you laughed because 10+ of the “You know you watch too much pokémon when...” items applied to you. But you still don’t know the REAL diffrences between the green, red, blue, gold, silver and yellow versions. Or what’s so great about “Pokémon SNAP” or why everybody’s so excited about “Pokémon Stadium” Don’t worry. I’m here to help.So calm down. Shhhhhhhh, don’t talk, just read. I’ll try hypnosis..... Just concentrate on the following text, make no real effort to read it (unless you plan on reading the page anyways, this subliminal messaging in a real hoot)

You do not need to go to the bathroom. Pokémon is more important. You do not need to get a snack. Pokémon is more important. You do not need to go to the store. Pokémon is more important. This page is your life. Pokémon is all important. You will send me money. Lots of it. No checks. Read this page. send me money. You will start calling yourself “Satoshi” and start all sentences with the words “Makta Bakaratsu” Then you weill send me money. Oh, RIGHT! Pokémon is all important. You will read this page, and enjoy it. You will return.

ALRIGHT! We’re back, and now we turn to the greatest chapter in pokémon history. THE GAMES! Yea! I will cover them each one by one.


The next 6 are about the classic GameBoy games. The first 5 all begin the same: You are Ash Ketchum, start in Pallet Town, get a pokemon from Oak out of the 3 choices of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. Gary is your rival, and he gets one too. yada yada yada. #6, the yellow version, is diffrent though...


Red will be the same wherever you go, no tricky bussiness here. One of the first 2 released, with green in Japan and Blue in America (I’ll get into that in the next section). You can’t get some cool pokes in this version, like Meowth, Sandshrew, Bellsprout, and their evolved forms. This is my favorite version none the less. Most like the blue version, though. So I always tell people who ask to buy this version, (they alway’s do, I suppose that’s what I get for carrying a pokemon binder around school)


The Blue and Green Version Mix-Up

Nintendo always does strange things. We can’t to any thing about that. but this one is kinda confusing. What we here in the good ‘ole US of A know as the Blue version, is really the Green Version in Japan. We will NEVER see the actual Blue Version. In Japan Blue was this special edition thing that they didn’t sell much of. People offered you diffrent trades, pokes lived in diffrent places, it the only actual diffrences. Nintendo has no plans of selling it here. But, for a lot of money you can get imports. Though you may want to invest in a nice Japanese dictionary, or at least take a few classes. And learn the Japanese names first, that would be a big help.... Now, back to the show!


Blue (U.S) or Green (Japan)

Some pokemon arn’t in the wild here, just like in red. Oddish, Manky, Ekans, Electabuzz, and more! The most interesting thing I noticed is, “Ash” isn’t a choice for your name, “Gary” is and vice versa (if you are in fact a little kid, and are confused on what “vice versa” means, it means that it works both ways, um, here. if you’re a little kid, this page isn’t really ment for you. If you ARN’T a little kid, but STILL don’t know what “vice versa” means, I’m very dissapointed in whatever schools you went to. Read a book for heaven’s sake! PLEASE! Geez, maybe you should lay off the video games and TV if your that clueless!)


Blue (Japan)

The BEST part of this game, you can TRADE for Tauros! You can also catch one in Safari Zone, but that’s tough, they can run from you and you can’t use Ultra or Great Balls. So, I consider it a blessing from above. Like I mentioned before, they sold very few. Diffrent pokemon are missing in this one. You can’t catch Bellsprout or Ekans, each of which are missing in diffrent versions.





Yes, I KNOW there’s nothing under Gold. I don’t know much about the diffrences between these 2 versions, so I can cover them in one. This is the ultimate! Let’s say you transfer your old Slowbro over to this version, HE’LL EVOLVE! Into Yadoking. Nidoking? Meet Nidogod! Yea! Idolize Brock and wanna be a breeder too? These versions are your calling, you can actually find out if your Zubat is a guy or a girl, but the 2 together and POOF you can breed little baby Zubats. New Pokes, individual sexes for each of your pokes, new items, and compatability with the printer. Yea! I know I can’t wait for it to be released here. I they don’t I’m starting a plan to invade Nintendo headquaters. (Dear Freaks thinking I’m going to cause another Colombine: Harris was crazy, I’m slighty weird, but he had probloms. I am a mentally stable girl with a 165 IQ. Don’t worry, I couldn’t get a shotgun on the bus anyways. I’m kidding around with things like this. I don’t like jocks, But I would never THINK of taking their lives.)


Yellow-The Pikachu Version

You leave the house, head for that tall grass, Prof. Oak stops you, all as usual. But, a Pikachu attacks! Oak catches it and you follow him to the lab where Gary is waiting, Oak gives you an Eevee, but Gary shoves you out of the way, so Oak gives you the Pikachu instead. What’s this? The Pikachu won’t stay in the Pokeball! The pictures of the Pokémon you run into are so much more realistic... And Brock really looks like Brock! That’s all I can tell you, other then that’s there’s a mini game with Surfer Pikachu. And you really run into Jesse and James, also, Chansey is now in the Pokécenter! The Jigglypuff in Pewter looks like a Jigglypuff, and actually makes Pikachu fall asleep (and if you try to leave while he’s sleeping, then look at him after he comes back, he looks pissed! It’s so cool!) I've gotten all the way to lavander before I got really bored with it ands went back to the red version, though.


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