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Couples featured on this page so far!

This is a page where I'll write about all the couples I support in anime! If you really start watching anime, you see many loves that must occur in your opinion! I belive, you arn't really an otaku if you don' support some couple!
I've added a new couple, and some more information under the Ryouga/Ukyou section! Also, since I can't upload files, thank my friend for putting up the pretty background!

Since this is a Pokemon page, I might as well start with...

Satoshi (Ash) and Kasumi (Misty)

It's a cute match-up, and one that's quite obvious. I son't FULLY support it, but it is cute! It works out for both as far as personality types. Satoshi is very indecisive, so Kasumi gives him somebody to lean on. Though Kasumi is very pushy and bad-tempered, Satoshi really brings out a commpassionate side in her. Pair that with their love of pokemon and it really works out!

Ryouga and Ukyou

Absolutly perfect! They end up working together sooo much, and they make such a cute couple! They are the most complatible then any other possible Ryouga match-ups! Poor Ryouga has a heart of glass, and that means he needs somebody nice to be with. Ukyou is probably THE NICEST person in Ranma. Though Ryouga is so bent on Akane he really dosn't notice Ukyou, but she's still nice to him! Like in "Nihao me Concubine" When Ryouga is looking for Akane to save her and finds Ukyou instead he's just kinda "Oh, it's you. I've still gotta go find Akane! Bye!" But Ukyou takes his sense of direction ::sweatdrop:: in mind and offers to lead him to Akane ((In the dub, his "You promise?" is soooo cute!)) Next comes a spoiler! So don't read it if you really hate people talking about movies you havn't seen, don't read the bit after this:
Then when he saves her and it's so sweet! I think it was the most dramatic shishi hokodon ever! ("It was a mistake to make me unhappy!") It also proves my point Mousse saved Shampoo, Ranma (of course!) saved Akane... well, looks like the girls were all saved by their true loves... how suspicious Ryouga saved Ukyou then!
Ryoga's shy around girls, has a short temper, and doesn't think before he acts. He has an over-active imagination, so he'll believe anything if it's convincing. Like when Ranma-chan would pull the instant fiancee trick on him. Even though he's horribly sweet, Ryoga isn't very smart. But he's not as bad as Kuno!
But Ukyou is very smart and always helps him out!
Consider who else is out there for them once again:
Tsubasa is bad. He's more of a stalker than anything else, and no sane woman marries her stalker. Tsubasa should never be allowed to reproduce. He's just too disturbing.
Konatsu is *really* bad. What girl wants a guy who believes he's a deformed woman? Obviously that's a topic for Jerry Springer.

Xellos and Filia

I've got some unlikely couples on here, but this is defenitly one of the most unlikly! Yes, they claim to hate each other! Filia is veeeery vocal on that one! But you do see moments where it flashes as a possibility! Besides, Valgaav was her other possible partner, and he's been reborn. She'll serve as his mother now.
Also, read their Image Songs! Geez, how much more proof do you need? Just who did 'ya thing "Somewhere" was about? Zelgadiss? "But But But" isn't exactly to Lina either you know... I suppose I'm now forced to post them here for your reading (and weeping!) pleasure! All I really need to put is all of "Somewhere" so here it is!

Somewhere in the world
Somewhere in the dark
I can hear the voice that calls my name
Might be a memory Might be my future
Might be a love waiting for me
Rock me gently
Hug me tenderly
'Til the morning breaks and night fades away
I've spent my time in vain trapped inside pain
Don't let me down, help me see the light
Feeling bitter and twisted all along
Wading through an empty life too long
I close my eyes listen to the wind
Longing to belong to a higher place
Let me hear your voice
Let me be with you When the shadow falls down upon me
Like a bird singing Like a breeze blowing
It's calling me
From somewhere in the world

See!?!?!??! Alright, here's a selection from "But But But"

How about we travel off into the new world?
Together hand in hand let's fly away!
Come on, let's go! Everything will be fine... Are you ok?
No doubt we'll be alright, however I can't make any gurantees...
But! I can't see into tomorrow. Although I'm really excited
So let's go on a little adventure...
Because I know you like adventures, right?

Ha! Ha! You have to admit it after that little translated bit, don't you! hahahahaha!

Aoshi and Misao

I say they're THE best couple in Kenshin! She's the character on my new logo, he's this really fine bisho... Not to mention she's my favorite character! She's a 16 year old ninja, but looks about 13. While she studys kempo, she also has throwing knives! He's head of a ninja clan, and fights with his twin kodachis (no, not the maniac gymnest! The sword!) Every point needs to be backed up, so m y proof here is this: Nobody can actually *deny* Misao loves Aoshi! If you havn't seen anything about the show or manga, here's some minor proof: her image song. It's called "Ice Blue Eyes" I give you 2 guesses on what color Aoshi's eyes are... It's the prettiest song I've ever heard! Go find a MP3 or RealAudio of it... or even a short clippet of it! His image song... is insturmental! He really isn't they type to sing...

Inu-Yasha and Kagome

Yea, so in a past life she killed him... can't we put our diffrences aside? This is a major couple, I just happen to support it. They love eachother, they deny it. Very Ranma/Akane.

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