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Yea! Mahou Tsukai Tai!

Tada! An astrology page with content! I still left that Ranma astrology bit that came to me over a mailing list a *long* time ago on here... it's down at the bottom. I like the way the title turned out... ::admires her own work:: Oh! For the table below you need Wingdings... so sorry if you don't have it ^_^ Maybe I'll make image files for that table someday...

Usually when people think about "astrology" what comes to mind is the newspaper horoscopes, hotline psychics and that classic bad pickup line "Hey, baby, what's your sign?" ((As a side note, the worst line I've ever heard was "Is your name Cambell Soup? "Cause you are 'mm 'mm good!")) But it really has a lot more to it then that!

The 12-sign zodiac system of astrology commonly used today has Greek orgins. The 12 houses (signs) each carry their own distinctions and are based on a *lunar* calander.

House Symbol Date Starts
Aries the ram ^ March 21
Taurus the bull _ April 20
Gemini the twins ` May 21
Cancer the crab a June 22
Leo the lion b July 23
Virgo the virgin c August 23
Libra the scales d Sept. 23
Scorpio the scorpion e Oct. 24
Sagittarius the archer f Nov. 22
Capricorn the ??
((Typically appears as a hippocampus))
g Dec. 22
Aquarius the water bearer h Jan. 20
Pisces the fish i Feb. 19

Is someone is born on (or very close to) the beginning or end of one of the houses, it's said they were born on the "cusp" and may have characteristics from both the signs they were born between. Ofg course, since it's a lunar calander the zodiac is based on, you may want to check moon charts to find out your true sign. Im a pretty solid (and fairly typical) Pisces.

Another currently popular form of astrology is Chinese. Also a cycle of 12, your sign is determined by year of birth. The 12 signs ((or 11 I remember at any rate...)) are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dog, Boar, Rooster, Horse, Dragon, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey and something else... I'm a rat ^_^ so I get along with Ox's and Monkeys.

The Celts had a form of astrology based on trees. I was born under the Ash tree... other included the Hawthorne and Oak... As soo as I find my notes I'll put up more info on this!

Here's the Ranma stuff I said would still be here:

Ranma: Actually, I thought he was more of an Aries than a Gemini. Independent, self-assertive, courageous, quick to act, but with a tendency towards "rash, impulsive, and reckless" actions. Yep, that's him. And he couples nicely with Akane because she is...

Akane: ... a Leo, in my thoughts. Not so much for the leadership part (although, I'm sure she would lead, if she had to), but for the need for attention part. She practically glows when people praise her abilities, but, if you ignore or irrate her, look out! This lion has quite the temper, as me all know.

Ryouga: Definately a Cancer. Hard exterior protecting a soft, sensitive interior. A very emotionally centered sign, it needs security and is very attached to family and friends. Quote from Excite horoscope that fits him to a tee: "When your level of security is undermined, particularly by domestic disturbances, you can lose your equilibrium, becoming irritable, hypersensitive, snappy, unforgiving, self-pitying and brooding."

Ukyou: She was a lot harder, but I finally chose Scorpio. It's a good match with Cancer, and it fits Ukyou's personality. It may seem a little negative, at first, but if you think about it, it describes her well. Unfortunately, I can't condense what the description says so go here:

Nabiki: Virgo
Kasumi: Pisces
Kuno: Leo
Kodachi: Aquarius?
Akari: Pisces
Soun: Cancer

Aburatsubo-sempai is angry with you...You wanna leave?
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The images here are from "Mahou Tskai Tai" ((It means either "Magic User's Club" or "I want to use Magic!" depending... it's a pun, you see!)) A show about a bunch of aliens invading earth, and the school club determined to stop them. The guy with long red hair is Aburatsubo, the girl with him here is Nanaka, the wide-eyed dude is the President of the club whom Aburatsubo-sempai has a crush on ~.^ (I don't remember his name) The girl in the foreground of the top picture is Sae, the main character ^_^