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All About Anna

My name is Anne, but all my friends call me Annabelle, or Anna for short. I was born in Nova Scotia on July 4th 1983. Just a small little detail I'd like to mention before you start thinking I'm perfectly sweet and innocent- I'm only like 50% pure... and dropping :)

From a young age, I've travelled a lot. I lived in England for 4 years, so I've been to many parts of Europe. I've been to Germany, Spain, Wales. I've also been to parts of the US. A few years ago I got to go to California and Disneyland. In 1999, I also ad the lucky chance of going on a trip Egypt. We visited Israel from there also in 2000. Those were amazing trips! I actually got certified as an open water scuba diver in the Red Sea. I LOVE to travel!

Summer 2000 brought a few new advancements in my life. I started working as a cashier at Zellers, which is fun because of my friends who are also there. In 2001 i started working soely at customer service, OH the stories! I've also FINALLY started to drive, its soooo easy! Can't wait to get my full licence! This year has been pretty tought. I ended 2000 with depression, and a suicide attempt. After a trip to the hospital, and therapy since then, i'm doing TONS better. So, i guess 2001 hasn't been worse.

I love hanging out with my friends whether we're at a movie, making a movie, having fun at the park, or just hanging out. Music is something I'm also really into. I always have something on to listen to, I hate the silence. I love most types of music with the exception of rap and most country. I play the clarinet and tried to play the oboe for a while. I talk on the phone a lot with friends when I'm not in person, I'm really loud and I'll talk about anything openly! If ya really wanna hear more about the present, feel free to read my journal.

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