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Wolfman's Code Page

This web page was last updated on: 3/25/02

(12/26/01) Welcome to my code page. After many many years of making my own muds, I felt that this would be the best way to allow those who love my creations to take them and either make them into their own, or turn them into something better. I used several bases of the GodWars variety to make them, and you will find that some of them are a compilation of code bases, such as with ShadowGames 2001, I used Dystopia, LoW, WotK, RoK, GW95, GW96, GW2K, ShadowRealm, the old ShadowGames, plus many other snippets and anything I could get my hands on. Tower of Babel was also a mix, as was Death's Domain. Death's Domain is one that I worked on with a little more intensity, and Prometheus Unbound is my latest creation. Due to several unseen problems (servers, etc.), I lost quite a bit of work. My last backup of Prometheus Unbound is dated 12/01/01, indicating how bad the loss was. I might put all this on the shelf for a while, but feel free to turn any of my bases into something either better or whatever... really. Starting with Death's Domain, the area files that originally came with Dystopia 1.0.5 had to be totally redone due to a severe vnum mixup on the part of the Dystopia creators. I believe that ShadowGames 2001 still has that bad batch of areas with it. You will find that my Xombi class is almost totally finished and many errors were fixed for it. I have included earlier versions of my Xombi class into Tower of Babel and ShadowGames 2001. I hope you enjoy the work of as many people as there were working for me, as well as myself. Jihad is not among these bases because I only half owned Jihad, the first mud I coded on. Elkor has that base. If I code any more bases for everyone's enjoyment... including mine, I will try to post at least one copy of it on this web page. Enjoy! (3/25/02) New News: I have done extensive work and bug fixes. Some of my projects in the code that were unfinished are now finished. I hope you all enjoy version 2 of the Prometheus Unbound Basecode. Have Fun!

Tower of Babel

ShadowGames 2001

Death's Domain

Prometheus Unbound Basecode Version 1

Prometheus Unbound Basecode Version 2