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Backgrounder: Rev. Robert Egby, DHP, CH, ULC

Rev. Robert is a non-denominational and interfaith ordained minister. He has studied various theologies and mystical beliefs. A graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute in Modern Spiritualism, he is pastor of an independent Spiritualist church chartered through Universal Ministries. Rev. Robert is a practicing hypnoanalyst and hypnosis counselor, and teaches meditation, higher and spiritual awareness.

He is a full time resident in Chaumont and the Thousand Islands region of New York State. He has served in various churches in the eastern United States, and frequently speaks on the healing power of love and altered states of consciousness. His book on how to conquer the negative ego achieve spiritual progression and Cosmic awareness "Cracking the Glass Darkly" was published in December 2007 and updated in 2011. He has since written various spiritual books--three of them award winners, five classic adventure novels and an autobiography. You can read about them at Different Books for Different People.

His general interests include working out at the "Y", history, photography, lecturing and writing.


Dear Rev. Robert: Richard and I wanted to thank you again for the lovely service you provided at our wedding (4/27/07). I know that we made many revisions but the end result was wonderful! We have had a lot of people talk about how great it was! Thank you again. Sincerely. Danielle and Rich.

Reverend Egby and Betty Lou (music): Thank you so much for all of your hard work and help with putting the single-most important piece of the day together. The ceremony was just the right touch. Thank you for your part in adding to our Special Day. It was wonderful. With Love and Thanks. Christina and Frank.

Dear Rev. Egby:Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful wedding ceremony. It was more than we could have ever expected on such short notice...You went well above and beyond to make sure that everything we needed to make our day special. May you be blessed and enjoy the life that is ahead. Our heartfelt thanks to Betty Lou for being our witness. What a lovely couple you are. Our warmest regards. Michael and Donna.

Dear Rev. Egby. Thank you for preparing and giving a beautiful service for our wedding. Thank you for all of your help and guidance in making the service special for us. We greatly appreciate it and for uniting us in marriage. God Bless. Donny and Sharon.

Reverend Robert, I just wanted to thank you for marrying Birgit and I. It was a real joy to be sent down the pathway by a great person like you with all your kindness and you wonderful words. I also wanted to thank you for sending us the package with your wonderful words printed out so nicely that we will be able to hold on to forever. God bless - Scott and Birgit

Picture Memories of Special Days

Photographs mostly by Betty Lou Kishler

Rev. Robert conducts the wedding service of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Karen Schufelt in the beautiful and ancient setting of Boldt Castle on the St. Lawrence Seaway in the Thousand Islands Region of New York State.

The Unity Sand Ceremony always attracts photographers at weddings, and the Schufelt wedding was no different. Here bride and groom combine their sands watched by the Rev. Robert Egby.

The bride's gown is attractively set out by her attendants as Rev. Robert Egby conducts the ceremony at Boldt Castle.

Weddings opportunities at Boldt Castle draw Canadian couples and relatives from Ontario and Quebec. Here Danny and Jaime from Calgary gather with two sets of families and friends, now united for photos. Rev. Robert who conducted the service took this photograph afterwards

A United States Marine Captain marries his bride at the historic Casa Blanca Mansion on Cherry Island, Alexandria Bay. They are O.J. and Jewell, and the Marines looked resplendent in their uniforms with swords. Heavy rain almost drove the wedding indoors, but twenty minutes prior to the ceremony the rain stopped and the sun shone forth. July 26th 2008

CREATION OF A NEW FAMILY: When Jenny married 10th Mountain Iraq veteran, Shawn at Boldt Castle September 7th it saw the creation of a new family -- the addition of their one-year-old daughter Callista. Here they are flanked by members of the wedding party as Rev. Robert looks on after the service. While Jenny and Shawn exchanged rings, Callista was given a special bracelet as a keepsake of the special day.

Sacket's Harbor historical 1812 Battleground was the scene of a wedding, September 1st. The bride and groom were from Oregon. For Emily it was a homecoming. Here, Emily and Jim are united in holy matrimony against a background of Lake Ontario.

Gina and Jeff from Mexico, NY conclude the Unity Sand Ceremony at Boldt Castle watched by Rev. Robert. Gina finished early and weatches while her groom finishes pouring the sand. The Unity Sand Ceremony is favored for use outdoors instead of the Unity Candle the flame of which is subject to breezes.

A Moment of total joy for the bride as rev. Robert pronounces the couple husband and wife. This is Jody and Terry who enjoyed a small but lovely and memorable wedding.

Just below Alexandria Bay's River Hospital is a bridge leading to Casino Island. It's a favorite of couples who would like a small, romantic wedding -- and Nature provides it. As the sun sets beyond the St. Lawrence River, with Boldt Castle silhouetted against the sky, so Larry and Kathy are united in marriage.

Michelle and Noah came from Charlestown, Massachusetts to be married at the historic Singer Castle in the St. Lawrence Seaway. Afterwards, the 200 guests were transported back to Alexandria Bay aboard two of Uncle Sam's Tour Boats. As the boats cruised side-by-side, Rev. Robert, a veteran award-winning news photographer, snapped the couple celebrating by the stern rail.

This was another wedding that drew familiues and friends from both sides of the border. Mylene and Luke, an officer from Fort Drum were married on a windy day in mid-September at the Pine Tree Point Resort, overlooking the St. Lawrence at Alexandria Bay. Here the couple pours the two different colored sands together, as Rev. Robert says: "Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again, so will your marriage be." Over 100 people attended the event.

Cape Vincent has an historic lighthouse at Tibbett's point. It's where Lake Ontario meets the St.Lawrence River, and it was here in early October that Tom and Chris were united in holy matrimony.

Carole and Richard came from Baltimore to be married at the picturesque Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. It was truly a wedding by the water. The bride arrived on board an antique boat. It was a Sunday in late June, a wonderful sunny day with a strong breezes attended by folk from many parts. The couple went on to make their home in Chicago.

A young couple who hailed from Glasgow, Kentucky chose Singer Castle for their small wedding, and celebrated by staying the night as guests of the Castle. Jonathan is serving in the U.S. Army and is stationed at Fort Drum. Jonathan and Sarah are pictured in the Castle's Rose Garden overlooking the St. Lawrence after the service.

ON THE BEACH AT OCEAN CITY, NJ -- Before coming to make his home in the Thousand Islands, Rev. Robert conducted weddings in New Jersey. We leave these photos in the collection because the wedding was different. It's the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Ashlie Schauble, Jr at Ocean City, New Jersey in 2006.

At the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Ashlie Schauble, they had their sons, Corey and Colton join them in the Blending of the Sands ceremony, symbolizing their lives joining together as one family.

Rev. Robert Egby takes time out before the wedding to feel the sea breezes at Ocean City.

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