LoveraMoore WFMU 3-91

On The Radios

Victor & Gwen Lovera
–with R. Stevie Moore

–WFMU East Orange NJ, 91.1 Stereo
–Sunday 24 March 1991; 4-5 pm

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Hosted by Jim Price
Engineered by Irene Trudel
Camera by Krys Olsiewicz

Available on CD

AMG REVIEW: In 1991, R. Stevie Moore was in the midst of his first extended vacation from recording since 1968, preferring during this period to devote his energy to video production. However, a reunion with singer/songwriter Victor Lovera, with whom Moore had first worked in Nashville in the early '70s, dragged Moore out of his semi-retirement for a short series of live gigs and a radio session on WFMU, all of which are showcased on 1992's LoveraMoore. Barring a brief acoustic duet run-through of Stevie's old chestnut "First-Hand" during the WMFU session, during which Lovera does a better job of remembering the lyrics than Moore does, all of the 37 songs are Lovera compositions and feature his lead vocals. This is mostly new material, although he does reach back as far as 1981's "Gleason" twice during a long, rambling rehearsal/performance at Moore's New Jersey apartment, which Moore captured both on audio and videotape. (The video, like this two-disc CD set, is available at An extremely loose performing style holds sway, with some songs started and abandoned seemingly at random, but Lovera's songwriting strengths, most notably a knack for singer/songwriter-style confessional lyrics mixed with a McCartney-like knack for sweetly melodic tunes, are obvious throughout.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide


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