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My site is dedicated to teaching you how to survive under the most brutal conditions and find your way back home.
If you fail then I failed and I am not about to let that happen
This site is dedicated to,
My Daughter Cheri Ann who passed away OCT.255,2014,Mouser the Cat who was shot and survived in the Summer of 1999, but died after being poisoned in Aug,2,000 (BY THE GUTTER SCUM OF BODERTOWN,NJ)
My little fishing partner Rambo,a Black and white cat who I rescued 14 years ago was put to rest on Monday,10:04 AM/NOV.20,/2006
It is with great sadness that my Daughter *Cheri Ann* had passed away on OCT.25,2014. A lover on domestic pets,loved fishing and camping,She now is gone way to soon but in a place where life is much better but I *LOVE & MISS HER SO MUCH*Straight on to Sun Shine Cheri.* Love you,DAD
If you hear of any person missing,please do not hesitate to contact the police
B> I dedicate this site to all the Fire fighters,Survival instructors,Police Officers,SAR Techs' and all the Medical Staff at Capitol Health Hospital, where I have witnessed with my own eyes the professionalism and speed when emergency care was needed while other medical facalities fell short in that area. Bob
Up dated 2020,6,20.

Outdoor Skills & Survival Training
101 boardwalk APT.235
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Tel: (609) 672-2867

U.S. Special Operations
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Military Trained,Military Training.
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TThank you for your interest in Wilderness Elite for all your professional outdoor survival skills. I am Bob Lenh, the owner of Wilderness Elite and a former Military outdoor skills and survival instructor, endorsed by the Search & Rescue Association of the USA I am experienced and qualified to instruct you, the serious outdoor enthusiast, in survival and search & rescue techniques, regardless of geographic or climatic conditions.

WWilderness Elite is not your typical resort/vacation-type survival school. There are no showers, no home-cooked meals, and you'll sleep wherever you build your shelter for the night! BUT, you'll gain the knowledge needed to handle yourself in any situation, and the confidence of knowing you can survive in the wild. Please check out our training page for more information concerning the types of training we offer.

I am also quite knowledgeable concerning outdoor gear, and have many connections with various dealers of outdoor equipment, such as canoes, kayaks, backpacks, tents, stoves, NATO military surplus gear, etc. Contact me before you buy, and I will do my best to advise you and get you the biggest bang for your buck. Check out our Gear page for some of my latest recommendations.

If you are serious about learning survival and/or search & rescue techniques, either for personal or professional reasons, and would like to know more about Wilderness Elite, contact me via phone,or e-mail. If you have an emergency, please contact me at the phone number listed above. Thank you, and blue skies to you!

Remember,there is no such thing as {I CAN'T}


If you Have survival tips or suggestions? Please read the bottom of the links page. I will make up another page for Wilderness Survival tips/suggestions.Just mail them to me.

U.S. Special Operations

Military Trained, Military Training.

*Send me and good survival links, you have any good ones,let me know and I will put them up on the links pagewith,and Instructions.*

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