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                                                    Virtual Tour


               This train layout is a permanent display that was assembled over the last 45+ years.  The rails and switches have been constructed much as you would a real railroad.  Each crosstie is individually spiked into the roadbed, one after another until there are enough down to lay a section of rail.  the rail is then spiked onto the ties and is formed to the contour desired.  The switches are also assembled by hand.  Since the club moved here from Paterson in 1954, there have been approximately 125 members contributing their time and effort over the years to make the layout the size that you see today.  We continuously made modifications to insure that our operations run as smoothly and prototypical as possible.  There are eleven power control stations on this layout.  It takes a minimum of four people to operate the layout correctly;  one person in the "W" & "A", one in Meadville Station, one in the main tower on the upper level, and one person on the lower level in the middle of the layout.


               The "W" & "A" yard is located in the back left corner as you walk in, and is the main freight yard on the layout.  The capacity of the two yard sections is approximately 100 box cars.  The two can be operated independently by two people, but most often one person can operate it effectively.  Here you can watch the operator break up incoming trains, and classify them.  He will also make up new freight trains that will go west on the layout.  Also if you are standing near the operator you will be able to see through the glass the trains on all three levels of the railroad.

"W" & "A" Yard Lead

"A" Yard, this is the Arrivals yard.

"W" Yard, this is the Departures yard

"W" Yard looking across to "A" Yard

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