Presentation silver inscribed tool or cane handle. It is comprised of two coin silver pieces and bundled iron wires. It appears there was originally something inserted into the bottom of the inscribed silver section. I am not sure if the open wire end is missing something. It came from an Ohio attic with a large number of Civil War period custom made carving tools. It is wonderfully inscribed Wm,, B. Cassilly From Col. James Taylor. William B. Cassilly had a colorful service record. His military career started in Field & Staff as a R.Q.M. in the 10th Regiment, Ohio Infantry (3 months, 1861). He rose to 1 Lt & Q.M. in the three months the regiment served. He then was commissioned as a Lt. Col. in the Benton Cadets, Missouri Infantry. Finally he was commisioned as a Lt. Col. in the 69th Ohio Infantry. He rose to the rank of Colonel. $285