Misc. Civil War Personal Items & Period Civil War Antiques

Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques

Misc. Civil War Personal Items & Period Civil War Antiques

12a. Pre Civil War Pennsylvania State Seal Perpetual Calendar
12c. Mid 19th Century Rosewood Fife w/German Silver End Pieces
12d. Civil War Age Fancy Brass Front Rosewood Back Cribbage Board
12e. Pre Civil War American Pewter & White Metal Coffee Pot
12f. Gargoyles Stamped Brass Civil War Cape Clasp
12h. Dug Union Officer Brass Star Cape Pin
12i. Patriotic Eagle Decorated Cast Pewter Civil War Name Stamp
12l. 8-Sided Civil War Period Coin Silver Pin
12m. Civil War Period Medical Horn Handled 3-Blade Fleam
12o. Inscribed Coin Silver & Red Leather Covered Sheet Ivory Weekly Notebook
12s. Civil War Period Coin Silver AM Surrounded by Starbursts Jeweler Engraved Pin
12t. Civil War Folding Bone or Ivory Handled Spoon & Fork
12v. Heavy Silver Washed Thick Brass Civil War Lion Heads Cape Clasp
12w. Dug Civil War & Earlier Brass Suspender Buckles
12x. Dug Civil War Clay Tobacco Pipes With Giant Stems
12y. Union Army Maker Marked Civil War Folding Slot Knife & Fork
12 za. Pre Civil War Wood Domed Carved Powder Horn
12 zb. Pre Civil War New York State Seal Perpetual Calendar
12zc. Niles Drinking Cup Patented June 5th * 1860 * Civil War Hard Rubber Soldiers Cup With Its Case

Tiny Little Dug White Clay Civil War Union Soldiers Opium Pipe

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