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Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques

4/2 - Pre Civil War Engineers Cuff Uniform Button
4/2 - Great 1-Piece Harrison Log Cabin Campaign 1840 Coat Button
4/2 - W. H. Smith RMDC Backmarked New Hampshire State Seal Coat Button
4/2 - Non Dug Confederate Virginia 2-Piece Civil War Sword Buckle Plate 409 Mullinax
4/2 - Rare Chatwin & Sons Confederate A Coat Button CSA208 in Tice's Button Book
4/2 - Early Low Convex Engineers Coat Button John Smith & Eagle 1835-40 Backmark
4/2 - Excellent 1-Piece Vermont Artillery Militia Coat Button by Robinson VT6
4/2 - Beautiful Civil War Wisconsin State Seal Militia Staff Coat Button
4/3 - Newport Artillery Civil War Rhode Island Coat Button
4/3 - Civil War Connecticut Staff Officer's State Seal Militia Coat Button
4/3 - Confederate Alabama Volunteer Corps AVC Civil War Overcoat Button
4/3 - Vermont State Seal Militia Coat Button Scovill Backmark
4/3 - Civil War Topographical Engineers Old English TE w/ Shield Coat Button
4/3 - Confederate Civil War Missouri State Seal Staff Militia Cuff Button
4/3 - 1850's Eagle Decorated Green Painted Tin Cased Brass Pocket Scale w/ Weights
4/3 - New Jersey Civil War Staff Coat Button NJ200 D.4. In Tice
4/3 - Rare Norfolk Guards of Roxbury Pre Civil War Old English NG Coat Button
4/3 - New Hampshire National Blues 6 Compy 3rd Regt Light Artillery Cuff Button
4/3 - Confederate Alabama Rare Wings Up Eagle AVC Civil War Overcoat Button
4/3 - Early Dug Civil War 1-Piece Navy Coat Button with Great Gold
4/3 - Pre Civil War Connecticut Volunteer Militia Staff Coat Button
4/3 - New Orleans Battalion of Artillery Louisiana Confederate Coat Button LA 20
4/3 - Kellogg West Co. E 184th Regt New York Fancy Heart Shaped Neckerchief Slide
4/3 - 4 Pre Civil War Rhode Island Staff Militia Coat Buttons On Militia Uniform Cuff

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4/3 - Dug Chas Clemens Co. A 34th Regt. N. J. Vols. Civil War Identification Shield
4/3 - Pre Civil War Massachusetts Militia Coat Button MS30 Alberts R & W Robinson
4/3 - Gilt Cast Brass Massachusetts Militia Sword Belt Buckle
4/3 - Beautiful Civil War New Jersey State Seal Staff Coat Button