Union & Confederate Edged Weapons: Civil War Swords, Civil War Knives, & Civil War Bayonets

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10a. Confederate Navy Cutlass Produced During The War In New Orleans La.
10b. Civil War Sharps & Hankins Carbine
10c. Dug Confederate Sabre Bayonet Brass Handle
10d. Pre Civil War Dug Gilted Scabbard Throat & Sword Mount
10f. Kenansville Confederate Naval Cutlass
*New* 10g. Dug Civil War Heavy Artillery Sword
*New* 10i. Massive 12 5/8" Blade Antler Handled Belt Knife 18 3/4" Overall
10j. 13 3/4 Silver Hilted Bowie or Side Knife
10k. Confederate Cavalry Sword with Fantastic Complete Oil Cloth Covered Grip & Thick Iron Wire Wrap
*New* 10l. Civil War Manufactured Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife
10m. Maker Marked Civil War Era Antler Handled Belt Knife With Cross Hatch Decorated Leather Scabbard
*New* 10n. Dug Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife
*Sold* 10o. Confederate Memphis Novelty Works Thos Leech & Co. Cavalry Sword & Original Scabbard

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