A Little Bit About Me


A little something about me: I have been an antique collector and dealer for more then 26 years.
I found my first military relic at a Revolutionary War fort in New London Ct. when I was 7.
Looking over a section of exposed dirt ground I saw a little rusted round iron ball. Today the grape shot sits on my shelf in a ring case.
I have now owned and operated Keemakoo's Civil War Antique's for over 15 years.
I was an archaeologist for 12 years, though not closed minded.
I was the Historic & Prehistoric artifact analyst for an archaeology firm in the 90's for 6 years.
I had the opportunity to handle, identify & catalog 10's of thousands of historic artifacts (glass, ceramics, brass, iron, organic, & all other period artifacts) each year.
My library contains the 100's of reference books needed to identify all manner of period artifacts.
I am an antique bottle, marble, & pipe collector, privy & dump digger, and Civil War hut excavator.
I collect Civil War buckles, Civil War buttons, Civil War swords, Civil War spurs, and many other misc. dug and non dug Civil War relics.
I studied glass blowing and was a glass blower when I was younger. I have first hand experience when it comes to understanding bottles/glass pieces & their age.
I have been an antique appraiser.
I have been digging for antique glass and preserving military relics for the last 19 years.
I was a seasonal teacher (Spring & Fall) for an archeaology project involving inner city kids in the 4th & 5th grades.
I'm happily married with kids I love more than anything.
We miss our great bear dog, Keema, she will always be remembered.