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Headwound Activity Center

Here's a look at some of the things Headwound is up to these days. The real news is that the new full-length CD is done, and Headwound looking for a label. It's been a long time since ther's been any "new" Headwound material - so here's what you've been waiting for.

New: Headwound full-length CD

As yet untitled, the tracks for the new HEADWOUND CD are heavy and reflect pretty much the same direction we've taken over the last 12 years. Not all of the songs are new, there's a few older songs that have been re-recorded with some additional arrangements and a more "live" feel.

There are currently no Headwound shows on the immediate horizon, but please check back from time to time to see the schedule once it's posted.
Currently we're working at our home studio - Saxon Sound - to put together a CD of our favorite Punk and HC songs from the 80's. The CD will be available through our site and at our shows.
About The Songs

The songs on the new CD pretty much reflect what Headwound is about: drinking, working, Punk Rock, and all the other things that go along with surviving an alternative culture. The songs were recorded just about "as is" as possible, without a whole lot of overdubbing and studio production, so as to keep the feel of the CD as "raw" as possible - because that's what Headwound fans have always liked. You wont find any polish here - just spit, sweat, and beer!

About The Songs

1. Half A Can Of Beer - newly recorded, and heard from another angle.
2. Forklift Operator - song originally recorded during the "Midgetville" sessions, now with more balls and more beer!
3. White Knuckle Love Affair - from the "Four Bands From NJ" comp on Squigtone - new recording, and additional punch!
4. Part Time Resident - originally recorded during the "Looks Good..." sessions. Never released. Newly recorded for this CD.
5. Straight To Hell - also released on the "Four Bands..." comp. New version, with a lot more Hell.
6. Catcher In Your Eye - new song for the Oi in all of us.
7. Three Cheers For Beer - new song, and wouldn't you guess - it's about beer drinking!
8. Not The Punk You Want - new Punk song to keep you pogo-ing all night.
9. Old Time Drinking - Guess what this songs about?>
10. Sloppy Seconds - new song pays tribute to one of Headwound's favorite bands.
11. Trashbag - new song pays tribute to Headwound's favorite Bar-Flys.
12. Surprise Cover Song - you'll have to wait to see what this will be.

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