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In Their Own Words

Here's some HEADWOUND text as pulled from the pages of various fanzines that interviewed the group. Some of the questions are dated, but the overall band philosophy hasn't changed from day one.

What is Bergen County? And why did you write a song about it?

"Bergen County is the Northeastern part of NJ where we all live. Everything and everything lands here in Bergen County, and there's enough fuel to write about for the next 500 years! It's really just a regional anthem that I guess you gotta be there to fully appreciate. Most of the feelings and scenarios expressed in our songs are no doubt familiar to any super-suburban metro area, but we like to think Bergan County has it's own uniqueness. It's pretty much a state of mind. It's either Utopia or Hell. We tend to love it because it's a living theatre of the absurd...and that sits just right with us." From: ONE VOICE fanzine - Segre, France.

Does the band express any political views?

"Well, there is no HEADWOUND statement to speak of. We've all got our own opinions to live with, but I guess it's safe to say we're about as Red, White, and Blue as they come - without getting fanatical or fascist about it. Most of our politics come from a Red, White, and Blue container called Budweiser! There's views in our songs from time to time. Unless you're writing love songs, that's hard not to do. But none of those views are singular or deliberately political in nature. We're of the opinion that if you're listening to our music, then we're not saying anything you don't already know." From: UNITED FRONT fanzine - Fort Bragg, NC.

Does the band express any political views?

"We don't have Headwound Theme Nite"...where we all sit around and discuss what our songs should be about. There's certain parameters that we've all agreed to stay within, and that's pretty much lyal to the style we play. We don't write about personal situations - we don't make political statements - and we don't take advantage of the current and/or popular "issue". We pick timeless topics that are familiar to just about anyone. Those are the songs that everyone picks up on and make our shows fun.We'd much rather have everyone singing and slamming than look out and see a semi-circle of folded arms wondering what we are about." From: Un Monstre Est En Moi! fanzine - France.