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Headwound Biography



HEADWOUND was formed in early 1990 by Harry Baggs and Johnny Hate who met in the group WABBIT SEASON. Uncomfortable with the direction that band was headed, they started writing songs and rehearsing to taped bass lines while hosting massive "beer drinking" nights at Harry's home in Wanaque, NJ. A frequent visitor to the events; Choppie Sinclaire grabbed a mic one night, belted out some of the tunes, and Headwound had a singer. Nek was another buddy of John and Choppie's who had nothing else to do at the time, so HEADWOUND was formed. Weekly rehearsal sessions were always a party, but by summer the band was ready to do their first show; the NJ PUNKFEST at the Brighton Bar in West Long Branch, NJ. This was a good place to debut because the Brighton has long been the home for NJ Punk, and at this event - just about anybody who was anybody was there. The show went over good, and it wasn't long before they got snagged by HEADACHE RECORDS to record their first release: HEADWOUND "The EP" which got good reviews and started the ball rolling.

Headwound continued to rehearse (party), and play every show they could get on. Sometime before the release of their second EP Nek decided to leave the band and was replaced by Dan Brewer. Dan plays bass on the "Kings Of Beer" (Headache Records)and the "Thinkin' and Drinkin'" (DIM Records) EP's which were released in 1993. After a few more changes, Nek returned to record a full-length CD on Headache (1994), and later (J.C. then joined on bass), the "Looks Good...It Is!" EP (1996) was additionally released by Headache. Between 1993 and 2000' HEADWOUND continued to play and release songs on numerous compilations. After hooking up with SQUIGTONE RECORDS in 1998 for their "Siege The Day" comp, Headwound became part of the label and are currently working on a new full-length CD for the Squigtone catalog.