Fictional I-87 breaks off existing I-87 (New York Thruway) at exit 15.  It then follows
I-287 South to just below I-78.  It then runs to about Flemington where it picks up the
current alignment of US-202.  It follows the US-202 corridor down to Wilmington, then
multiplexes with I-95 down to DE-1.  I-87 then uses the DE-1 expressway to just south
of Dover, then extends the DE-1 expressway down to near Lewes, DE.

Thinking in terms of the DE-1 expressway, from north to south, I-995 is a northern
extension, running up to Reading, PA.  I-87 uses the DE-1 toll road, provides an
expressway routing down to the Milford Bypass, then extends the expressway south of
the Milford Bypass to near Rehobeth.  That's where I-99 comes into play.  I-99 extends
the expressway throughout the rest of the Delmarva Peninsula, across the Bay Bridge-
Tunnel, then all the way down to Savannah, GA.

With the I-87 fictional designation where it is, the following roadway changes would
be necessary:

I-87 south (east) of Thruway exit 15 would be known as I-187
I-287 in New York would be I-487 (to not be confused with I-287 in New Jersey)
I-287 north of the I-87 split in New Jersey would be I-87 (I-287 south of the 
I-87 split would remain I-287)
The I-76/US-202/US-422 mess would be semi alleviated with US-202 having 4 lanes each
way.  The 2 left lanes would be through lanes (to I-87), the 2 right lanes would form
a volleyball interchange, then break off onto US-202.
US-202 & PA-611 through Doylestown would run via surface streets.  The Doylestown
Bypass would carry fictional I-87 and fictional I-395
US-322 would run on its former alignment through West Chester, making the West
Chester bypass I-87/US-202.
DE-1 would be terminated at the foot of the currently existing expressway, just
south of Dover Air Force Base
DE-1 would run via surface streets through Milford (making the Milford Bypass
simply all interstate)

If nothing else, fictional I-87 gets rid of one thing that I absolutely hate on the
interstate system, namely 2 digit interstates that don't cross state lines.

3DI's off I-87:
NOTE:  3di's in parenthesis are not decendants off I-87, but, they could be:
I-187:  Number assigned to I-87 south (east) of New York Thruway exit 15
I-287:  Currently existing I-287 south of where fictional I-87 breaks off
I-387:  Spur from Flemington to downtown Trenton, NJ
(I-172):  Spur from I-72/87 to I-895, fictional Philadelphia Beltway
(I-995):  Spur from I-87/95 to Reading, PA

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